I'm Ruth, mummy to Emma, my beautiful little girl born in March 2014. I'm originally from the UK but have spent most of the past 13 years living in Mexico.

Mum and daughter

I'm an English teacher, now working in kindergarten, struggling to organise my life and find time for everything (other people seem to manage it, so surely I can?).  This blog has become my creative outlet, my thing.  I have lots of plans and ideas for it, but never enough hours in the day, so it's still not quite how I want it to be.  Little by little I'm improving it, though.

"The Mexicans" in the name of my blog are, of course, my half-British half-Mexican daughter, my husband, my mother-in-law and our dogs.  I am overwhelmingly outnumbered.

I write about my experiences as a new-ish mum, bringing up my toddler in two different cultures and two different languages.  I also write occasionally about Mexican food (trying to make this a more frequent feature) and some of the interesting aspects of Mexican life and culture.  My other loves are books, art and occasional crafts, travel (wish I could actually do some!) and visiting new places.

If you want to find out more about me, here are some of my posts that could fill in a few of the gaps.

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  1. Wow - what a wonderful way to be brought up! I am half Puerto Rican and my father didn't really teach me Spanish growing up...I did end up learning it in high school, but then learned Italian in college, lived there for awhile and now I mix the two! Visiting over from #WeekendBlogShare

    1. Thanks for visiting! I really hope I can make a success of bringing up my daughter to be bilingual - she'll have so many advantages.

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