7 Must-have items for your kid’s bedroom

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

 Over the last year we have all been spending more and more time at home and redecorating and sorting out our rooms is something we have probably thought about or even started doing.  I have recently made a little progress with decluttering!  When it comes to our kids’ rooms, there are lots of different things we need to take into account. Not only that things are age-appropriate but also that they will last so that they can continue to get use out of them as they get older and their style and needs change. They grow up so fast, before you know it they will be out of nappies, no longer have their dummiesand just surprise you every day. 


A lot of children share rooms, it saves space and also helps siblings’ bonds grow stronger. When kids are sharing a room and they both are at the age where they will have a normal bed it can take up so much space in the room. Then there isn’t much space for activities, playing or anything else. If you are in this situation a great solution for you would be to get bunk beds from Cuckooland. By choosing a bunk bed you are freeing up space for your children to learn, play, grow and develop. 

Another must-have item for your children's bedroom is adequate storage for toys. It is no surprise the number of toys your children have. With each Christmas and birthday, the collection only gets bigger and bigger. If you don’t have the right storage to keep it all neat and tidy their room and floor space will quickly be covered with it. Having something with big drawers is the perfect solution. You can then sort and organize the toys into different drawers, like dolls, crafts, and cars. It also then gives you a good chance to implement tidy-up time, putting things back into the drawers before playing with different things. 

Children take in so much in their surroundings that you don’t even realize, take advantage of the space on the bedroom walls just as schools do in the classrooms. Get some educational prints and pop them up. It could be something that they struggle with like letters and numbers or depending on the age you can get something a bit more complex. If it is something they end up seeing every day they will start to take in, absorb the knowledge and it will inspire questions to you about the subject and get them interested to learn. You can also switch up the posters every so often to help them with anything they are struggling with. 

Another way to encourage learning and interests is by having books about it. A key part of your children's bedroom will need to include a good selection of books and have them easily accessible. You could even perhaps create a reading nook with some comfy cushions, a bean bag, and a lamp. When they are in school they will practice reading but doing it at home is just as important. Reading helps grow the mind at any age so getting children into good habits young is important for their progression and growth. 

You may not be strict with bedtime but come summer it is likely your children will be going to bed while the sun is still shining. It can be hard to then implement an effective bedtime as the sun will keep them excited to play and stay awake. By getting a black-out blind or curtain you are helping to battle that problem. It should also help them sleep especially when paired with an effective bedtime routine. 

During the winter months and the cold, it is important to be able to adapt and warm up when needed. If your kid's bedroom has hardwood flooring then having a rug is a great addition, it will help keep in the heat and be something warm for them to walk on so they don’t get cold feet. 

Depending on the age of your kids another great addition to their room would be a desk area. If they are at school they will regularly get homework, and it can seem a lot and stressful, but having a desk area can help you get in the right headspace to complete it. You may notice it helps them focus without them asking for help before the problem even gets serious. 

These great additions to your kid's bedroom will give it a tidier, effective, and more grown-up feel. Give them a go, we know your kids will love it. 

Image credits: Pin image Photo by Michael Schmid on Unsplash


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