Baby milestones at 11 months old

Eleven months have gone past pretty quickly and it's hard to believe that my little baby is now nearly a year old.

Needless to say, a lot has changed since my last update - Alexander was only 6 months old then and was just starting to crawl. Since then, he has reached various baby milestones and firsts.

Over the past few months he has started daycare, caught his first cold and even had his first visit to Urgencias (A&E /ER) - keep reading and I'll tell you more about all that further on in this post.

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old


He can crawl pretty fast (have to keep my eyes on him at all times).
He sits up by himself unsupported.
He pulls himself up to standing using whatever he can - the bars of his cot, a box of toys, the sides of his playpen, a little table or chair, someone's leg, etc. He takes steps sideways holding on to things for support, sometimes only with one hand, and sometimes he'll let go altogether and stands for a fraction of a second before falling back down on his bottom.
If I support him under his arms, or hold his hand while he is standing he starts walking forwards with wobbly little steps.

He is very curious, loves exploring and will try to grab or pick up anything and everything that catches his attention.  He has a lovely fine pincer grip perfect for picking up tiny bits of fluff, dirt and other intriguing teensy objects.  If you've lost something very small, put Alexander in the general area and he'll be sure to find it.  Just make sure you retrieve the found item before he puts it in his mouth.

And that's where he might have a mini tantrum.  They generally occur when I remove an inappropriate object he has found or is about to put in his mouth.  At this stage I find them quite comical and relatively easy to disperse - just distract him with a more suitable toy, or play with him and he is usually happy again, unless he is very overtired and grizzly.

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old - Image Shows Baby Lifting Foam Mats From Floor


He can be pretty vocal, but mostly his conversations consists of "ah" a short staccato sound that seems to express a lot of different things.  He also babbles with repeated syllables, especially "mamamama" and "babababa".   He uses a variety of tones of voice and sounds very conversational - if only I knew what he was chattering about! Sometimes he cries out "mama" and I wonder if he knows he is saying mama or is he just experimenting with more sounds - I mean does it have the same meaning to him as it does to us?

Screeching and shrieking are still popular noises, particularly in moments of frustration. And when playing with his big sister, and she helps the general noise level by echoing him!

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old - Image Shows Baby Laughing At Bubbles Held By Mother


At the moment, Alexander does occasionally sleep through the night, which I'm grateful for. When I say "sleep through the night" I mean from somewhere between 9pm and 12 am to 5 or 6 am. More often than not, he wakes up in the early hours of the morning too.  He had been sleeping through much more regularly, but lately he's been waking up more frequently.  My sleep has been suffering a bit, but I don't help myself as I can never seem to get to bed at a reasonable time.  I need to organise my time a lot better. As always.

He naps during the day, normally a couple of hours after his early morning feed, then usually another nap either later in the morning or in the afternoon, although times depend on what we're doing and if Emma is playing with him and keeping him awake.  He usually has a sleep in the evening too, sometime between his dinner, his last solid meal of the day, and his last milk later at night.  Does he really take that many naps? It doesn't usually feel like he's asleep that much during the day (I would get much more done if that were the case!)

I don't know, it's all a bit of a blur these days.


I can't say I am using any particular weaning/feeding methodology, more of a mixture of whatever works for us and what they are doing in daycare.  Alexander started with purees at six months and now is onto finely chopped food.

At daycare they have a strict nutrition and feeding program. From 6 to 9 months, babies are fed purees in declining seats, and from 10 months, they are given very finely chopped food sitting in a high chair.  What is great is that they use only natural ingredients, no processes foods and no added sugar, so it is all very healthy and nutritious.

At home, Alexander was sitting in his high chair to eat from 6 months.  At 6 months - just as we were starting with weaning - I noticed he had his two bottom front teeth just starting to come through. Then at around 8 months old his top two front teeth started coming through.  Now at 10 months I can see little white teeth on either side of his front two just beginning to show.

I started with purees and occasionally gave him some more textured foods. When he was smaller I would sometimes give him a half banana and he would sort of gnaw little bites off and eat it quite happily. I can't do that now because he takes a huge bite that is far too big!  When I give him finger food it is chopped into very small bite-size pieces; little pieces of cooked carrot, brocolli and cauliflower sprigs, etc.

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old - Image Shows Baby Eating Spaghetti In High Chair

He has tried quite a good variety of foods and has liked almost everything. I've given him spinach and kale in purees and he has eaten them quite happily.  He's tried various different fruits and loved them all, lentils, beans and chickpeas, sweet potato, normal potato, courgette, chayote, avocado, rice, spaghetti and quinoa. He wasn't so keen on the quinoa, because of the texture I think, but that was a while ago now so I'm going to try again soon.  Of meats, he has eaten chicken and beef so far; maybe I should try introducing fish soon. I made meatballs the other day with minced beef, potato, spring greens and a little egg all cooked in a tomato and mushroom sauce.  He ate them quite well, but struggled with the texture a bit as he needed to chew them a lot.

He usually eats very well - at daycare they always report that he eats all his lunch.  He usually has two or three solid meals a day and five bottles of milk.  Since four months old his milk has been exclusively formula.
We changed to lactose-free milk for about a month on the pediatrician's recommendation when Alexander started getting diarrhea after he caught his first cold.  It seemed to help and his digestion returned to normal.

That was shortly after he started at daycare.  During the summer, I applied for a place at free government-run daycare, which is very high quality and one of the great things about living in Mexico. My job gives me the right to this benefit, but there is a waiting list, especially for older babies.  However, Alexander finally got a place at the end of September when he was just about to turn nine months old.

There followed the obligatory period of adjustment - three days when the baby must be accompanied by his mum. On the first day it has to be the mum and you go for four hours, on the second day you go for five hours and on the third day you spend six hours there. On the second and third days it doesn't have to be the mum, it can be another family member.  The way we did it was that I went on the first and third days and my husband went the second day.  The reason for this adjustment period is not only so that the baby gradually gets used to the new place and people, but also because it is the parents' obligation to get to know the people who will be taking care of their baby, as well as to become familiar with the routine, methods and system of the daycare.  It is complicated to arrange this much time off work (even though it is also in the interests of your workplace that your childcare issues are taken care of) but there is a good reason for it.

After his first four days at daycare, Alexander got a temperature which soon gave way to a nasty cold.  I guess it was inevitable.  A week or so later he caught his second cold and when we took him to the doctor, it turned out he had an ear infection.  So then he had to take antibiotics for ten days.  At least he seemed to like the taste of all the medicines as he was pretty good at taking them.

At around the same time, the guarderĂ­a contacted me to let me know that Alexander was behind with one of his vaccinations - it was a booster that the clinic didn't have in stock when I took him to get his last set of vaccinations and we hadn't still hadn't gone back to get it.  They told me that he wouldn't be able to go to daycare until he had all his vaccinations up to date.  That was a problem because we couldn't get him vaccinated while he was still taking antibiotics.  If your child is absent for more than seven consecutive days without a doctor's note they lose their place in daycare.   However - luckily - they were quite flexible about it and let us take Alexander in just for an hour one day in order to keep his place.

As soon as he was done with the antibiotics, I took him to get his missing vaccine, and at the same time the nurse suggested getting the flu vaccine too as they were sure to ask for it at daycare.  So now he is all up to date and attending daycare again.

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old - Image Shows Mother And Baby Against A Black Background

A few weekends ago Alexander decided to take a nose dive off the bed.  I was right next to him, too, just turned my back for half a second and...

The sickening thud, followed by loud cries, rushing to pick him up, trying to comfort him and anxiously check for any damage at the same time, all the while with a horrible feeling of guilt. The crying didn't last for too long, but I need notice a mark on the end of his nose and after a while his nose was starting to look slightly swollen.
So just to be sure there was no fracture or anything like that, I took him to Urgencias (Accident & Emergency here) at the main Seguro Social hospital, which means receiving medical attention free of charge.  Since it was a Saturday early evening I thought it would be busier, but it wasn't.  We had to wait about half an hour and there were only about three other people in the waiting area.  Meanwhile Alexander was back to his usual cheeky, bouncy, wriggly self.  Have you tried getting a ten-month-old baby to lie still for an x-ray?  It's definitely a struggle!

Anyway, he was fine, no damage done, so that was a relief.

Alexander also had his first trip to the cinema a couple of weeks ago when we all went to see Frozen 2 as a surprise for Emma.  She loved the surprise, of course, but Alexander was also rather fascinated with the images on the huge screen in front of us.  He behaved amazingly well, considering he stayed awake during the whole film and just got a bit restless and wriggly at the end.  He also thought the 3D glasses were hilarious!

Baby Milestones At 11 Months Old - Image Shows Family Wearing 3D Glasses In Cinema

Big sister, little brother

Alexander adores his big sister, Emma.  His face lights up when he sees her and Emma also loves playing with her little brother, they have so much fun together - even if they do sometimes annoy each other!  I love seeing them together.

Soon we'll be celebrating his first birthday, just after Christmas and looking forward to toddlerhood.  I'm sure Alexander will be keeping us on our toes even more!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below and please share this post if you enjoyed it!

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  1. Glad all was okay. I remember those x-rays - the lead vest helps hold them down tho! Lovely pics too #KCACOLS

  2. I love tracking milestones, seems like he's keeping you very busy! #KCACOLS

    1. Yes, if I didn't write them down I would definitely forget!

  3. What a lovely read. He sounds like he is developing really well, you must be so proud X #kcacols

  4. Just on the cusp of so many changes! #KCACOLS

    1. I know, I feel like everything is changing so fast!

  5. It seems like only yesterday my boys were going through those changes. They are now 22 and 20! Time flies!


  6. glad he's feeling better. Posts like this make me miss those days more than I would have thought I would #KCACOLS

  7. I wish I had written down some of the milestones for my daughter as I know over time I will forget! Enjoy Christmas and the first birthday celebrations - indeed a special month ahead for you and your family! x #KCACOLS

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