Life with baby at six months old

Incredibly, my baby is now six months old, half a year already.  

We've come so far in 6 months and I've reached ever greater levels of tiredness!

The house is never quite clean, the washing up is never quite finished, there is always a huge pile of dirty laundry waiting to be done.

We are lucky to have been given so many baby clothes I could actually get away with not washing his clothes that often (forget the could - I can and I do!). In fact all he wears at the moment are short-sleeved babygros, it is so hot he doesn't need anything else.

He's growing so fast.  I don't even know how much he currently weighs and measures as he is due his next check up with his pediatrician, we need to take him some time in the next week.

Life With Baby At Six Months Old

The big thing I started to think about as Alexander approached six months was starting solids - more about that below.  Another thing is that he is due his next set of vaccinations, so we need to get those done as soon as possible.

In a week's time, my parents will be here to visit for the summer holidays and will get to meet their grandson in person for the first time. I'm really looking forward to spending as much time as possible with them and making the most of their time here.


I also need to start the application process for daycare - in Mexico there is a free daycare service but first I need to register Alexander with the Seguro social healthcare service, then I can start the application service and hopefully there will be places available for him in a nearby daycare centre by the time I start back at work after the summer holidays.

Up until about a month or so ago my husband was taking care of him, but then he started a new job which is basically all day on weekdays, so meanwhile my mother-in-law is looking after Alexander while I'm at work.  It is difficult for her, though as she doesn't have the strength any more to pick him up and carry him very much. So the ideal solution is for him to go to daycare in the mornings, and it should be good for him too, to learn to "socialise" with more people and other babies.  I hope it will all work out well, anyway.

 Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby Lying On Bed With Toy

Feeding and sleeping

I was still managing to do one breastfeed a day when Alexander had just turned four months old, but soon I didn't have enough milk to complete that early morning feed and had to supplement it with formula. Eventually the time I was breastfeeding got shorter and shorter until I stopped altogether.  Still I managed to breastfeed Alexander a bit longer than Emma.

At the moment he has five feeds a day usually starting around five or six in the morning with his last feed at about 8 or 9 pm.  And he sleeps all night, mostly, which is great.

Starting on solids is the next step we've just embarked on.

First time round with Emma, I have to admit I didn't know all that much about introducing solid food and mostly followed the advice of my mother-in-law as well as what Emma's pediatrician had told us. We followed the route of purees, some homemade, some store-bought.  She stayed with purees for quite a long time, actually I don't remember when I began to give her food in pieces and leave the purees behind but I think it was quite late.  There were quite a lot of foods that I'd been told not to give her before she turned one so I was much more cautious in the variety of foods I gave her.

This time around I'm a bit more informed.  I was interested in baby-led weaning but decided not to jump straight into it various reasons. The first of which is that at 6 months old Alexander still can't sit up unsupported.  I've also been researching a little bit about the topic and am taking a free email course by CanDo Kiddo on introducing babies to solids. Her fast-track to solids and baby-guided feeding approach is based on the way babies acquire eating skills - have a look at this short video which shows the progression through the different feeding stages.  The idea is to start with purees and quite quickly transition to more textured purees, then soft foods in very small pieces, progressing gradually to harder foods as baby learns to properly chew the food.  All the while it is important to encourage the baby to feed as independently as possible.

So I decided to start this week with some pureed mango.  I'm still working in the mornings so after Alexander's afternoon milk I introduced him to mango puree - with Emma's help!

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby Holding A Spoon Of Puree

He was very interested in the spoon, of course, and grabbed hold of it, put his hands in the mango on the spoon, and soon had mango all over his face and hands!  We managed to get some in his mouth too, not just all round it.  He didn't spit it out, so I'm guessing he must have swallowed some at least. He seemed to like it.

The next day I tried again, with mango again (this time I put a cover-all apron on him!) and he appeared to be enjoying the experience of playing with the spoon of puree. He didn't want to let go of the spoon!  He did manage to put it in his mouth by himself a few times. It is most definitely messy fun!

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby Being Spoonfed

So that's where we're up to at the moment... I'll be introducing new foods every three days. I have a week left until my summer holidays start so I'll be able to dedicate a lot more attention then to planning and tracking all his meals and introducing a variety of different foods.


He is determined to be on the move; rolling purposefully from his back to his tummy and from tummy to back again.  On his tummy he pushes with his hands to lift his head and chest right up, or he kicks his feet and legs up into the air and spreads out his arms kind of like an aeroplane, rocking just on his belly!  Or he pushes his bottom right up in the air caterpillar-like but with his face and arms on the ground still.

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby On Tummy Lifting Head And Chest

While lying on his back he pushes down with his feet and bounces his bottom up and down. He twists right around to see something or someone that has caught his attention.

He will desperately try to reach whatever it is he has set his sights on and somehow with a combination of twisting, rolling and wriggling manages to get to the object of his attention if it's not too far away.

He is most mobile at the moment either rolling sideways or lying on his back and pushing with his feet to propel himself along backwards.  We have to keep a close eye on him if he's somewhere he can move quite freely!

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby With Toy In His Mouth

Once he has grasped whatever object it is, he wraps his fingers around it and seems to study it closely before trying to shove it into his mouth! Everything goes in his mouth if he can get it there.

He seems particularly fascinated by my dangly earrings and he is also quite skilled at grabbing a handful of Emma's hair!

His newest skill is bouncing - if I "stand" him or sit him with his feet touching some kind of surface he will bounce with his feet, tirelessly! Honestly he will not stop bouncing until I move him into a different position.  It's pretty funny and he seems to love it!

Some of my favourite things, moments and memories of this stage

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby Grinning On Floor Mat

His cheeky open- mouthed grin - when I get home from work, when he wakes up after a nap and sees me, when I make a fuss of him.

The way he looks for me when he hears my voice when I come into the room, then sees me and smiles.

The way he watches so intently what his sister is doing, fascinated by her and tries to reach out to grasp her.

Watching the bond growing between big sister and baby brother, the two of them laughing together at her funny antics.

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Baby And Big Sister

The way he communicates with us with baby sounds - bababa, maaaa, sudden screeches and blowing raspberries.   And Emma replies to him, saying "I perfectly entiendo you" - what kind of spanglish is that!?!   These are our rather mixed up conversations; me speaking English and babytalk, Emma in a mixture of Spanish and English and Alexander in baby babble!

Emma wanting to help more and more - the other day she even helped with a nappy change! Sometimes she helps by singing him to sleep - or trying, at least! So lovely!

Life With Baby At Six Months Old

And the other side; having to tell Emma over and over to stop jumping on the bed, or to be careful when I've also got the baby on the bed. I guess Alexander has inherited her love of bouncing!

His favourite toys at the moment are rattles and pretty much anything that makes a noise, the crochet giraffe which has lots of interesting sticking out bits - the ears, horns, tail and legs - that he seems to find fascinating, and the farm animal finger puppet book, especially when I make the animal sounds, too.

Snuggles and cuddles, his hands clutching tightly my arm or my fingers. Singing him to sleep, his thumb in his mouth.

Life With Baby At Six Months Old - Mum And Baby

What are your favourite memories of the six months stage? Or what are you expecting if you're not there yet?  I'd also love to hear about your experiences and thoughts on introducing solids - any suggestions and advice welcome!  Leave me a comment below and share this post if you enjoyed it!  Thanks!

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  1. It sounds like he is doing really well right now. The weaning stage is always lots of messy fun isn't it! #kcacols

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  5. Your kids are so cute! I miss the baby stage but at least Emma seems to be taking the big sister role very well. I love that she seems to be so happy to help.

  6. I always think 6 minths is the cusp of the really fun baby months. Enjoy what is to come. #KCACOLS

  7. Your kids are adorable! Such an exciting time! Savour every second - they grow up too fast!


  8. He's a cutie ... we have some great photos of our two at that age ... great to compare with them now aged 14 and 15! #KCACOLS

  9. He is beautiful amazing how much they learn in just 6 months X #kcacols

  10. very cute. Its absurd how hard it is to remember specific ages now, I wish I had started blogging sooner, but I remember mine did not like the veggie baby foods. I had a lot of luck with instant oatmeal, I think at that age! #KCACOLS

  11. They grow and develop so quickly at this age. The time just flies by as they meet milestone after milestone. #KCACOLS

  12. I loved introducing new food! It's such a messy stage but so very fun, getting to see them really explore new tastes and textures and the facial expressions when finding a new food they like (or don't like!) are adorable. #KCACOLS

  13. He is so gorgeous and lovely pictures of the siblings together. My second child surprised me with weaning as he wouldn't let me feed him and always took the spoon for himself this did continue and we had to do baby led weaning as he gave me no choice! I hope your parents have a great holiday with you visiting their new grandchild. #KCACOLS

  14. Aw, what a cute baby. My 14 month old has a lovely bond with his big sister too. I love watching them together, but often find myself having to remind her that she can't pick him up or squeeze him too tightly! #kcacols

  15. Mazel Tov! They are gorgeous! Just know, mine are 8 and 11, and the house is never quite clean, the washing up is never quite finished, there is always a huge pile of dirty laundry waiting to be done. Not sure when it will change, but I wouldn't change a single thing about them! #KCACOLS xoxo

  16. Oh my word what a cutey!! What a fun stage, so many changes. #StayClassyMama

  17. Ah so cute, mine are 4 and 2 and being reminded of the baby stage makes me broody again! Good luck with sorting the child care, it's hard enough here, I can't imagine doing it in another country! #StayClassyMama

  18. I am so impressed that in Mexico there is a free child care system. What a great idea. #StayClassyMama

    1. I know! But then how else would mothers be able to go back to work when their babies are not even two months old? That part of the system is not so good!

  19. Sounds really good. Can't believe it's been six months already! #kcacols

  20. Free day care? That sounds amazing! I wish we had that! #KCACOLS

  21. Free day care? That sounds amazing! I wish we had that! #KCACOLS

  22. He is such a sweetie! So many unbelievable moments. There are already things that I forget about my daughters when they were that age. They are now 5 and 2 and sometimes I wish I could slow down time because they are growing so rapidly right in front of my eyes. Savour every minute of it!! #KCACOLS

  23. I can't believe it has been six whole months since you first introduced him! Thanks for the memories of having a little one and sharing with us at #stayclassymama

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