Life with Baby at four months old

Can it really be four months already?  My baby is now well out of the newborn stage.  

I wrote in a previous post 7 Things about baby's first 7 weeks if you want to read more about those early days with a newborn.

Now he is much more awake, more playful and showing lots of interest in his surroundings and the people around him.  

Life With Baby At 4 Months Old

Baby's development at four months 

When we took Alexander to his last check up about a couple of weeks ago he weighed 5.7 kg and measured 61cm, which means he's put on almost three kg since birth and is just above average weight for his age. He is wearing clothes size 3 months or 3 - 6 months or 6 months.

About a month ago he got his first haircut from his dad, who very boldly decided to cut Alexander's hair himself!  I got the surprise when I came home from work that day.  You can see the difference in the black and white  picture at the very bottom of this post which we took before the haircut.  It was getting pretty long... Now it's growing again.

Feeding and sleeping

We are down to one breastfeed a day, the first one in the early hours of the morning.  After that he is bottle fed.  My milk supply has been gradually dwindling since I started back at work and even the early morning breastfeed has been getting shorter and shorter and this last week I've had to add a bottle to supplement too.  Recently he's been spitting up his milk quite a lot after feeds, though.  Pretty much everything I wear gets milk-stained.

He has feeds every three to four hours during the day, four or sometimes five feeds per day.

At night, he sleeps. Halleluyah! I feel like I've hit the jackpot! I do put it down to extremely good luck as I haven't made any conscious effort to sleep train.  I'm lucky to have a baby who understands that nighttime is for sleeping.  I hope I'm not speaking too soon here.

He sleeps in his bassinet cot still but tends to slide down during his sleep so that his legs are pressed against the bottom end.  When he wakes up and starts kicking his legs in the air you can just see his little feet sticking up over the edge of the cot!

Life With Baby At 4 Months Old - Image Shows Mum with Baby In Baby Carrier


He is smiling now, even giggling. He smiles at me when he's just woken up and I go to see him. His smile of pure joy as he stares into my eyes is just the best thing ever.  

He enjoys being sung to - Row row row your boat seems to be one of his favourites!

He makes noises as if he is trying to communicate; he coos, gurgles and blows bubbles.  Emma is convinced that he has already said his first word - Emma!  I have to admit it sometimes sounds like he is saying her name!

He's also taken to screeching rather loudly to get our attention or complain.

The other day he rolled over from lying on his back onto his front.  I left him on his back in the middle of the bed to go and get something from the bathroom and when I came back a few seconds later he was on his tummy!  More usually he rolls to his side. When he is on his tummy he kicks his legs like crazy and lifts up his head, and turns his head to look at things.

He is starting to use his hands to grasp things although he doesn't quite reach out for things yet.  He moves his hands but can't quite coordinate how to reach towards objects.  If you put something right in front of him he often grasps at it - his milk bottle, for example, or a stuffed toy.  He seems to enjoy clutching a stuffed toy and staring at it, in fact!

He is dribbling a lot at the moment and is always putting his hands and fingers in his mouth even when he's not hungry, so I wonder if this is the beginning of teething.

Life With Baby At 4 Months Old - Image Shows Baby Smiling And Clutching Stuffed Toy


We took him to his checkup with the pediatrician last week.  Everything was fine but we were a bit concerned about head flattening on the back right side of his head.  It seems to be caused by spending a lot of time lying in the same position.   

It's apparently quite common these days in young babies who spend a great part of the day and night asleep on their backs.  According to the doctor, it doesn't affect the development of the brain and it is a purely aesthetic problem.  

However, he recommended encouraging Alexander to lie with his head facing to his left instead of his right and using a rolled up blanket or towel as a kind of bolster to slightly incline him to that side, while still being on his back, and so that if he turns his head to the other side there will be a gap under his skull and it won't be pushing into the mattress.  Another recommendation he gave was to change the baby's position while awake; to carry him, hold him, put him on his tummy or on his side, etc.

I've also been reading a bit about "flat head syndrome" and what to do about it on the blog Can Do Kiddo by pediatric Occupational Therapist, Rachel, who writes quite a lot on this subject.  The solutions she proposes include as much tummy time as possible, side lying too while awake and less time in a car seat - only use it for the car as it limits head movement quite a lot.  In fact we have unwittingly been using the car seat too much outside of the car so this is something we need to be careful with.  

Life With Baby At 4 Months Old - Image Shows Baby On His Tummy Looking Up At The Camera

Big Sister

Alexander is absolutely fascinated by his big sister - you can tell by the way he stares at her and his eyes follow her around when she is nearby!

Emma is sometimes impatient when I'm busy with the baby and she wants my attention.  However she also enjoys playing with him and trying to make him smile.  She was making funny noises at him the other day and he was giggling away, it was so cute.

The other day she actually asked me if she could help change the baby's nappy, and she helped with putting the clean nappy on.

Life With Baby At 4 Months Old - Image Shows Big Sister And Baby Looking At Each Other


I'm getting a bit more sleep since Alexander has started sleeping all through the night, which is great and has helped me in the transition of going back to work after my maternity leave came to an end two months ago.

My hair has started falling out and there are hairs constantly all over the bathroom.  Every time I brush or wash my hair loads more hair comes out.  Luckily I have a lot of hair, so I can't really notice any difference to the hair on my head.

I've started doing some short yoga practices in the mornings over the Easter holidays and it feels really good to do something resembling exercise. I feel much less flexible since before I was pregnant so I need to build up a bit more suppleness again.  

What I haven't done yet are any exercises to get rid of my mum tum.  I don't need to lose weight as such, it's just my belly that looks like I'm still pregnant.  I remember it's still there when children ask me if I'm going to have another baby!

I'm just happy - and still quite surprised, to be honest - to be a mum of two with my big girl and baby boy.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have any advice or suggestions for me about any of the things I've written about here.  Leave me a comment!

 Life With Baby At 4 Months Old - Image Shows Black And White Picture Of Mum With Baby And Older Daughter

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


  1. I can't remember those days! Miss the baby stage but love the little people my children are becoming. I am so broody :( Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging and sharing your beautiful family with us

  2. That second baby belly is tough, and the third is like all the muscles just left and saggy skin stayed...

  3. He's gorgeous! 4 months is a great age when they're starting to get a bit of a personality. I love the first smiles too. #kcacols

  4. The fourth month is like the second trimester post-delivery... things are beginning to look up, you and baby are getting to understand each other better and have a little routine going, and it's when baby starts developing their own little personality. Enjoy! Thanks for joining us at #itsok

  5. Such a lovely stage, so much happens each month from now on #KCACOLS

  6. Such a beautiful heartbreaker! <3
    Beautiful family. x
    The first months can be hard, filled with sleep regression, milestones and the lot! It's a wonder we survive some times! hehe :)


  7. He is growing so quickly. Savor every moment of the baby years, as you well know from how quickly your daughter is growing.
    As far as you losing your baby weight, that's definitely not something I lose sleep over.Your body will never be the same again. #KCACOLS

  8. 4 months was such a lovely phase! Enjoy :) thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time!

  9. oh my goodness it doesn't seem that long since I read your birth story and introduction posts. These photos are beautiful, really heartwarming #KCACOLS

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