My Mexican Pregnancy - Update at 35 Weeks

35 weeks already!  Time is flying and this may possibly be my last pregnancy update, or I might (hopefully) be able to squeeze another one in over Christmas before the baby is born.

You can catch up here with my last Pregnancy Update  in case you missed it.

My Mexican Pregnancy - Update At 35 Weeks

How do I feel?

Last week was tough.  I started getting a cough last Saturday evening and felt like I was coming down with a cold all day Sunday.  Monday was a holiday here and I spent most of the day in bed feeling awful, with a cough that hurt my chest and cold chills.  Then on Tuesday morning Emma had a high temperature and cough, the temperature kept coming back so we took her to the doctor and she was off school the whole week.  I was off two days – between taking care of myself and taking care of Emma – and I went to work the other two days, but felt more tired than usual.  I handed in the documents to apply to postpone my maternity leave, but wasn’t completely convinced I still wanted to.

At the weekend my cough still hadn’t gone away.  I tried taking the cough syrup my gynecologist had recommended but it made me feel dizzy, so I stopped taking it.  I decided not to postpone my maternity leave anymore, my body needed to rest while it can, so Monday was my last day at work.  On Monday evening I started feeling cold chills again, coughing in kind of involuntary spasms, and I started to get this acute pain down one side of my neck, shoulder and ribcage, which hurt even more with the coughing.  I felt so awful I decided to take the cough syrup again and put up with the dizziness.  It did help ease the cough a bit, so I stuck with it.  I must have woken up about ten or more times during the night, though.  I couldn’t lie on my left side as I usually do because it was too painful, I just had to lie on my back.  By Wednesday it had gone, luckily, and I felt like I was back to normal.  The cough is still there though, very stubbornly refusing to clear up.

I ended up going to see my gynecologist this weekend about the cough and I was prescribed an antiobiotic, another cough syrup and an antiinflamatory injection.  I hope all that does the trick.

Mirror Selfie Of The Author Showing Pregnant Belly At 35 Weeks

Incidentally, over the past week or so I’ve started feeling occasional – and sometimes more frequent – Braxton Hicks contractions.  I remember these from my first pregnancy, too, a kind of tightening, hardening and slightly colicky feeling that’s uncomfortable but not painful.

Another thing I’ve noticed is I’ve occasionally been leaking milk – or colostrum, I suppose – which didn’t happen with Emma until after she was born.  I’m supposing that’s a good sign for breastfeeding.

Apart from all that, I’ve been noticing that I get tired more easily, walking short distances is more uncomfortable – and my journey too and from work did involve a short walk, which now I feel would be a bit much.  There’s more pressure on my bladder, meaning more frequent trips to the bathroom and waking up at least once or twice in the early hours of the morning bursting to go to the loo.  All pretty normal I guess.

Swollen Feet And Ankles
Feet and ankles looking horrible - and this was in the morning.  Sorry for showing you this!


My last appointment with the gynecologist was at around 31 weeks (not counting this weekened’s visit) and everything was fine.  I was prescribed two injections to help mature the baby’s lungs just in case he is born premature – apparently this is a normal precaution now.

Last Monday we decided to have a 4D ultrasound – not something that was necessary but we wanted to do it.  As it happened, the baby did not want us to see his face and stubbornly refused to turn around the whole time!   What we could see is that he is now “in position” with his head down (although facing the back at that point), his measurements are in accordance with the number of weeks, the level of amniotic fluid is fine and his heart rate is normal.  We just didn’t get any very clear images of him.  We’ll just have to wait.

Rather Unclear Images From 4D Ultrasound
Well it's a great image of the baby's spinal chord...

One thing we have to decide soon is whether we wait for the baby to come naturally or have a programmed cesarean section (which is what the doctor is recommending, given my age and the fact of a previous cesarean).  I think this is a subject for my next update.

Maternity Leave

I’m now on maternity leave, a new experience for me as I didn’t get maternity leave when I was pregnant with Emma.  In Mexico, the default is to start maternity leave at week 34 and you get 84 days in total (including weekends, holidays, etc).  A lot of people decide to postpone the start of their maternity leave in order to have more time at home after the baby is born – they just need the authorization from their boss and from the doctor attending them in the Seguro Social.  I was planning to do this.  I had an appointment at the Seguro Social on November 20th and the doctor calculated, according to my first trimester ultrasound, that my week 34 started the next day. I’d been calculating a couple of days later.  However, he gave me another week to either start my maternity leave or hand in the application to postpone – with authorization from my work and also my gynecologist.  After the week of illness in the house and much debating over the weekend, I decided not to postpone after all.  I had my last day at work on Monday and on Tuesday went back to the Seguro Social to get my official “incapacidad”.  I had to take in my official ID (in my case that’s my permanent resident’s permit), my details of my place of work, a copy of my ultrasound report and obviously the Seguro Social medical record booklet.  The doctor fills out and signs the maternity leave slip with all the information which I then had to take to the director of the clinic to be stamped.  One copy I had to take to my work and the other to the bank to get my maternity pay.  They pay it all at once, so now I have to be very careful to make it last and not spend it all over Christmas as I’m not going to get paid again until the end of February!

Baby Album Front Cover With The Theme Of The Little Prince

On my last day, the mums of the children in my class gave me this really cute present, a Little Prince baby album. I’m looking forward to having a quiet moment to start filling it in.  It is gorgeous.

A Page Inside The Baby Album With Illustration From The Little Prince
"When she was pregnant, your mummy felt more or less like this" (haha!)

Another Page From The Baby Album With Text And Illustrations From The Little Prince And Spaces To Write Information About The Baby


Hopefully I can make good use of this time on maternity leave before the baby arrives to organise a bit more.  We now have a few more essential baby items, so I feel marginally more prepared.  But we need to do a whole lot of decluttering/ reorganising of spaces because most of the upstairs of our house basically looks like a huge mess.

We don’t have much freezer space, but I would like to at least prepare a few freezer meals in advance so we have some food readymade for the first few days after the baby is born.  And a meal plan would be a good idea too.  We’ll see how organised I can be!

Pregnant Woman Sitting On A Wall In An Outdoor Shopping Mall With Christmas Tree In The Background And Little Girl Standing Next To Her On The Wall

Since we can’t go ANYWHERE to visit over the Christmas holidays this year, we are making an effort with festive decorations to make Christmas at home as special as possible for Emma (and all of us, but especially Emma).  So it’s not all about the baby.  I also want to get a present from the baby to Emma and have Emma choose a present for the baby, too.  I think this is a lovely idea.

Do you have any other suggestions for how to include a new big sister and help her adapt to the birth of her new baby brother?

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