My Mexican Pregnancy - Update at 30 weeks

It's hard to believe I’m already 30 weeks pregnant, this really is the final stretch, just two more months to go!  You can catch up here with my last update in case you missed it - Update at 25 Weeks.

My Mexican Pregnancy - Update At 30 Weeks

How do I feel?

In general, I'm not feeling too uncomfortable considering I'm nearly seven months pregnant.  The bump is growing bigger and bigger but is still deceptively small and I do get a few jokes and comments about my "mini pregnancy" and how small the bump looks.  But at the same time

It doesn’t feel so small now though.  At times it feels pretty heavy and starts to weigh me down, especially if I’ve been standing for a while or walking.  It can feel quite uncomfortable sometimes.

Baby is moving around quite a lot, but now often the kicks and wriggles are visible from the outside. It looks and feels pretty strange seeing these movements under my skin!


I went to my second appointment at the Seguro Social this week.  This is the Mexican Health Service which I wrote a little bit about in my August Update .  This time I was on time for the appointment and got to see the doctor I was supposed to see.  It was just a very basic checkup with a general doctor (they don’t refer you to a gynecologist if you’re already seeing one privately – why waste resources, right?). However, it was a bit of a surprise when the doctor assured us that we would most probably have the baby by Christmas. My due date is January 2nd, so we’d been imagining the baby would be born sometime after Christmas or early in the new year, but that’s the date at 40 weeks.  Emma was born at 38 weeks and the doctor seemed pretty sure that this baby would probably arrive around that time too.  It sounds much sooner than we’d been imagining!

We also asked about my maternity leave and whether it would be possible to move the start date.  Normally maternity leave starts at 34 weeks and you get 84 days in total, but a lot of people, if they are able to, start later so they have less time before the birth but more time with the baby before having to go back to work.  This depends on whether my boss agrees with me working longer and on the doctor’s opinion at my next appointment at the Seguro Social in a month’s time, but if all is well I should be able to do this.  The main factor against is my legs – the varicose veins and swollen feet, or foot, since it’s mainly the right foot.

My Mexican Pregnancy - Update At 30 Weeks

Work and Home

It seems as if the past few months have flown by way too fast and we’re not ready yet.  There’s still so much to sort out in the house.  I would like to organise the spaces in my house better, or at least my bedroom and closet to start with.  I’ve got some serious decluttering to do because it is starting to annoy me.  And we need to make space for baby clothes too.  We have a few things, mostly babygros and onesies which I’ve packed into two small-ish boxes.  I should probably make an inventory to keep track of exactly what we’ve got in each size.

I'm being looked after pretty well at work, and have fewer duties at the moment so it’s not so tiring, although working with small children does mean being quite active.


We still haven't decided on a name yet. We currently have two favourites to decide between; Gael and Elías.  I like the way both of them sound and how they look written down.  They would both be quite straightforward to learn to write, being nice and short!  Gael is the more unusual of the two names but Elías is not a very common name either.  What do you think?  Which of these two names do you like best?

Pregnancy Update At 30 Weeks - Big Sister Hugging Mum And Bump

Big Sister

People here ask me if she’s “chipi” – that means getting more emotional than usual and tending to cry over nothing, especially used for children.  I haven’t noticed her being “chipi”, except when she’s over tired, in which case it’s pretty normal.  She seems fine so far with the idea of the baby and hugs and kisses the bump, saying “I love you, baby bump”.  However, “Baby Bump” is still a rather abstract concept, an extension of me.  I wonder how she’ll feel when the baby is actually here, needing most of my attention and time.

At the moment she’s not so happy with the idea of the baby being a boy, she’s been saying lately that she doesn’t like boys!  We’ll see how she gets on with her little brother.

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  1. So cute! You are adorable pregnant. Such a cute little bump. I think I looked like a beach whale at 7 months with both my boys!! LOL. :) Your little girl is beautiful, by the way, and looks so much like you! I wish you the best with the rest of your pregnancy. :) #KCACOLS

  2. It looks like you are in good hands. It is always interesting to see how differently health care systems work in different countries, and how much ignorance there is about it (from Americans, anyway). Our fist baby was born in Ghana, West Africa. I had excellent care. Wishing you and your baby good health and lots of happiness. Great pictures!

    1. I definitely feel like I'm in good hands here! I guess the health care systems don't fit the stereotyped ideas a lot of people have of each country. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I’m hapy to see that you’re on the home run now. Remains to see if the baby will be born this year or next, and maybe even on Christmas Day! I like the name Elías, though Gael could be nice too, I’m just not sure how to pronounce it? Elias is actually quite a popular name in Sweden by the way (not that it matters to you, just a random fact there for you lol). Take good care! Xx

  4. I hope the baby's not born on Christmas Day! Before or after, please!

  5. A lovely update! We are the same...not prepared at all! I have a few vests and a hat but no car seat and hospital bag is nowhere near packed. Need to get a move on!


  6. Aw you look great! My friends little boy is called Elias! :-) My son arrived at 38+4 and my daughter arrived at 40+2 so baby may not come at the same time as your daughter! #KCACOLS

  7. Ah what a lovely update and what a lovely bump! I like Elias... #kcacols

  8. Lovely update. I really like Elias, but both are really great names. Nearly there! #KCACOLS

  9. oh gosh both names are absolutely gorgeous it is a tough choice! I had a boys name picked out for years and my first two were girls, by the time baby 3 was born we were greeted with a baby boy, the minute I held him the name I had for all those years went out the window as I felt as if he spoke his name to me and I was surprised as was everyone else (first of all that we had a son) and secondly we didn't name him Noah. My daughters adore their baby brother and even now he is older they still play every happily with him so I am sure your daughter will love having a brother too! You look beautiful, #StayClassyMama

  10. Having a six month old I clearly remember how you must feel. Right about now that uncomfortable feeling of pressure starts to set it. At least it's not hot now to make you puffy. You'll be done with it in no time and holding that baby in your arms. Don't worry about big sister. My toddler handled the transition from only child to big sister with no issues. She loves her baby sister. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  11. I'm glad the pregnancy is going quite smoothly. I wonder if you will have your new addition for Christmas (have you bought him a stocking just in case???) Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  12. Aw I wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy,such an exciting time! #KCACOLS

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