Where to go with kids in Querétaro - Piccolo Mondo Xtremo

If you’re looking for somewhere to go with kids in Querétaro where they can play and have fun, then Piccolo Mondo Xtremo is the place to go.

Where To Go With Kids In Querétaro - Piccolo Mondo  Xtremo

What is it?

A place especially for children to play with their parents’ supervision and/or participation. It’s aimed mainly at 2 – 12 year olds, but there is also an area for babies and toddlers, and older kids will enjoy the more “extreme” attractions like the zip wire, sky walk and climbing wall.

Where is it?

It’s located inside the Uptown Juriquilla shopping mall in Juriquilla, Querétaro.  Piccolo Mondo is upstairs, next to the cinema.

How much is it?

Children from 2 a 12 years old: $165 pesos
Adults: $45 pesos

You have unlimited time to play provided you don’t leave.  Adults can go out and come back in again but at least one adult has to stay with the child.  Children must never be left unsupervised. Adults can also accompany their children in most of the activities if they wish.  Inside the play areas both children and adults have to wear socks but no shoes and there are various shoe cubbies outside the play areas.

What is there to do?

  • a sandpit with various toys.
  • a trampoline and a foam block pit. 

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Querétaro Baby And Toddler Area

  • a toddler area with swings, a small ball pit, slide and other things to climb on.
  • A carpeted slope with plastic sleds you sit on to slide down.  

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Querétaro The Ludoteca, Cafeteria And Carpeted Slide For Sledding

  • a padded labyrinth on different levels containing a ball pit, a long slide, a curly tunnel slide, tunnels to crawl through, different obstacles to climb over and under, and another trampoline and a swing higher up.  

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Queretaro The Sky Walk

  • A sky walk, with rope bridges and rope ladders to walk across, connecting to the top of the labyrinth and zip-wire platform. You have to wear a helmet and harness and it is supervised by staff.
  • A climbing wall.

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Querétaro The Climbing Wall, Labyrinth And Spa

  • A zip-wire, operated and supervised by staff.
  • A spa, with services for an additional charge such as nail painting, pedicure, face painting, hair styling.
  • A “ludoteca” with building blocks and other play materials, a book corner and crafts activities (at an additional cost).
  • A cafeteria with seating area selling snacks and drinks.

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Querétaro The Cafeteria, Labyrinth And Spa

Our experience 

We took Emma (aged nearly four and a half) one afternoon during the summer holidays.  It was reasonably busy but didn’t feel crowded and the noise level wasn’t too loud.  There was some music playing in the background but it wasn’t too intrusive.  What most caught her attention when we went in was the sand pit which is right next to the entrance and she wanted to go in there first.  Actually, she loved the sandpit so much she could easily have spent the whole time there and we had to convince her to go and explore the other areas too!  There are various toys in the sand pit such as buckets, spades, rakes, sieves, cups, etc for playing in the sand, all in good condition.

Playing In The Sandpit At Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Queretaro

Next she spent ages on the trampoline – bouncing is probably one of her all-time favourite activities – and she clambered through the pit of foam blocks and her sock kept getting pulled off her foot.  We managed to persuade her to go to the top of the tubbing slope – I went with her – but she refused to sit in the sled and slide down, despite all the other children and even a very enthusiastic toddler sliding down the slope by themselves.  It wasn’t very fast but I guess it looked a bit too scary for her.

She did enjoy the downstairs part of the labyrinth with the ball pit and padded obstacles to climb over and crawl under. I couldn’t tempt her to go up further, though. Maybe next time she’ll get more intrepid.

The Ball Pit In The Labyrinth At Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Queretaro

Anyway, she loved it, even though there were lots of parts she was not quite brave enough to explore yet, and she was asking to go again.  When I asked her what her favourite part had been (I was expecting her to say the sandpit), she answered, “all of it!”

The verdict? 

Definitely worth visiting, and going back to.  It’s great fun and there’s something for a wide range of ages, from toddlers to older kids.  Even parents can get involved, playing with younger children in the play areas, or watching from close by.  Or you could relax with a drink or snack at one of the cafeteria tables while your kids get on with the serious business of playing.

Piccolo Mondo Xtremo Querétaro Where To Go With Kids

Opening times:

Monday: 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm

For more information, phone numbers, how to get there and to get a quote for a birthday party take a look at their Facebook page .

Would you take your kids here?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this review and did not receive anything in exchange.  All opinions are entirely my own (and Emma's).

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