My Mexican Pregnancy - Update at 18 weeks

I’m 41 years old, I’m 18 weeks pregnant, I have a four year old daughter and I live in Mexico.  If you didn’t already know these basic facts about me, now you do!

This is the first of what I plan to be monthly pregnancy updates, following last month’s Unexpectedly Expecting post.

My Mexican Pregnancy Update At 17 Weeks

How do I feel?

The first thing people who already know I’m pregnant ask me is how I’ve been feeling.  And my answer so far is usually “very well”, which is mostly true.  I haven’t had any more feelings of nausea (except if I get really hungry), I just had some slight nausea early on in the first trimester but it’s pretty much gone now.

I get tired more easily; going up and down stairs a hundred times a day does wear me out more.  I usually get to a point in the afternoons or early evenings wear I just need to lie down and put my feet up.

I have this twinge on the right side of my lower back which comes and goes suddenly.  I’m assuming it has something to do with being pregnant, but maybe not!

My legs! They look and feel horrible, like they’ve got little purple bruises all over them.  Nasty varicose veins and apparently there’s not a lot I can do about them at the moment, except wear compression stockings (and it’s really hot here at the moment!).


I get hungry more often, about every three hours, and if I don’t eat when I need to I start to feel really bad, but I also get full up more quickly.  I still don’t feel like drinking coffee at all, I completely went off it at the start of my pregnancy and am still off it.  I have a cup of black tea, with milk, obviously, in the mornings and that’s my only caffeine intake as I then don’t feel like any more tea the rest of the day.  I try and drink plenty of water and I’ve been drinking more milk than usual.

Other than that, I’ve been eating most of the things I usually eat.  At the beginning I was craving more fresh things like salads and fruit, and especially lemon sorbet.  But also plain salted crisps.  Now, less so.  I still don’t feel like eating rotisserie chicken or tacos, which I had no problem with before. I have discovered a taste for chocolate donuts (may not have anything to do with being pregnant!) and chocolate milk slushies (put in the freezer with a lid on and keep shaking it up every so often till you get the right consistency).  Is slushy the right word? Or would you call that a frappĂ©?


I’m in a bit of an in between stage I think.  Now none of my jeans fit me any more, and I only have about four pairs of trousers that are looser round the waist that I can still wear!  The other day I started searching for the maternity clothes I was sure I still had stored away from last time, only to remember when I couldn’t find them that I’d given them away – at the beginning of this year!  Serious lack of planning!  I have a few dresses that I can wear but my legs don’t look too good and dresses aren’t going to be practical for work at all (in preschool).  So I’ll probably have to go shopping sometime soon.

My Mexican Pregnancy Update At 17 Weeks
Very little bump, at about 15 weeks, photo credit goes to soon-to-be big sister Emma!


We had a to find a new gynecologist.  My first appointment was with the gynecologist who delivered Emma.  However, she’s now going to be off work for several months due to an operation on her back.  I went to see the new gynecologist on Friday and the appointment went fine.  She reconfirmed that we are almost definitely having a boy and that he is doing fine, his development is as it should be, as is everything else so far.  She also prescribed me some capsules to take three times a day to help with the varicose veins, and told me to use compression stockings especially for pregnancy (as the ones I already have are only knee-high and are not going to be much use).

My Mexican Pregnancy Update At 17 Weeks

Seguro Social

I went to my first appointment at the Seguro Social last week.  That’s the Mexican public health service (you only have the right to use it if your employer pays social security contributions, not all jobs do).   When I was pregnant with Emma I was teaching private classes, working for myself, so I didn’t have the right to the public health service or paid maternity leave.  This time it’s different but I’m not familiar with all the procedures and don’t really know what to expect from the Seguro Social.

I arrived at my appointment about four minutes late and was told my appointment had been cancelled as I had to arrive early.  Did I want to make another appointment for Saturday? No!  I nearly threw a tantrum!  Then I calmed down and the receptionist said she would try to fit me in with another doctor.  Okay.

So I saw the other doctor who was very matter-of-fact, read through the results of the first trimester ultrasound I’d brought and saw that everything was fine so far.  Despite my age making me high risk, there was nothing to worry about at the moment.  If I was seeing a private gynecologist there was no point referring me to the gynecologist of the Seguro, or sending me to get the same blood and urine tests again.  In any case I have to keep attending the appointments at the Seguro every month in order for them to process my maternity leave, but it’s just a formality if the baby is going to be born in a private hospital.  If.  I don’t know if we’re 100% decided yet.

The doctor did tell me about maternity leave.  It starts at week 34 and you get a total of 84 days.  It used to be divided into 42 days before the birth and 42 days after, which meant you would lose days if your baby was born earlier than the due date. Now it’s just 84 days regardless.  Some people have the option to start their maternity leave later and therefore get more time after the birth before returning to work.  In my case, the doctor said if it were up to him I wouldn’t have this option because of my age.  Why risk my and my baby’s wellbeing for the sake of a few extra days?  I’m inclined to agree, especially since my job is pretty active, I’m not sat at a desk all day.  I think by week 34 I’ll be ready to have a break.

Because a colleague had told me that there were obligatory talks to attend and dental checkups among other things, I asked about this.  It turns out that there are talks, but they’re not compulsory (good thing) and I went to make a dental appointment as I am definitely way overdue for a dental checkup anyway.  Then I went to the preventative medicine office and ended up getting a tetanus vaccination as I couldn’t remember when my last tetanus boost was. Ouch. I’m going to have to have another in my next visit, for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, which will vaccinate the baby at the same time.  They also gave me a toothbrush, some plaque tablets and some condoms!

They give folic acid free, which I’m already taking in the vitamins I have anyway.

So, all good medically-speaking.  I have my dental checkup on August 15th, I have to make my next appointment at the Seguro for the end of August and the next appointment with my gynecologist is September 18th.

Work and Home

This Monday I started back at work after three and a half weeks of summer holidays. I will have to get myself into a new routine again and be very strict with myself about going to bed early as I have to get up at 5.30 in the mornings and if I don’t get enough sleep I don’t think I will survive each day!  I also plan on meal planning, which I haven’t been very successful with in the past, but I think now it’s going to be really necessary, just to have meals prepared in advance so all I need to do when I get home is heat up the dinner.  I need to organise myself.

Big Sister

Four-year-old Emma is the soon-to-be big sister, and so far she’s pretty excited about it.  We’ve provisionally named her little brother “Baby Bump” (still undecided about the actual name) and the other evening she cuddled the bump and said “I love Baby Bump!” I felt my heart melting at that moment!

The other day she was sure the baby was nearly ready to come out!  I told her we still had a long time to wait – until after Christmas and she gave a disappointed and impatient little “oh”.  She’s having to learn patience at least.

I’ve started a Pregnancy board on Pinterest, of course – I keep finding lots of interesting-sounding pins, I really must get round to reading them! (Always my problem with Pinterest!). You can follow it here.

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