February in Review

I know February is a short month, but it just flew by before I knew it and March seems to be going the same way, which is probably why I'm so late in writing about last month's ups and downs.  Here are some of the things we did in February:


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Mexican Traditions

On February 2nd it's the Día de la Candelaria, Candlemas Day, which is celebrated in Mexico by eating tamales.  Tamales are made from corn dough and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves with different fillings - typical fillings include chicken or pork with green or red salsa, or rajas, strips of poblano chilli cooked with cream.  Sweet tamales may have nuts or raisins in.

Traditionally on this day is the "getting up" of the baby Jesus; you still have your nativity scene set up in your house since Christmas so now is the time to get the baby Jesus out of his crib and surround him with sweets and candies.  In some villages or ranches, they have a huge party and give out sweets to everyone.  In our house this ritual was performed by my mother-in-law but the only sweet things we had were sweet tamales, so that's what she used, chopped into small squares and set on a tray.  Emma participated by eating the pieces of tamal with great enthusiasm.

Getting away from it all

We went to my husband's uncle's ranch for a weekend away.  We used to go there a lot when we lived in San Luis Potosí as it was nearby, but it had been three years since my last visit, I was still pregnant the last time we went there.  Emma loved it, she's a happy traveler and enjoys staying away from home and sleeping in a different place.  She was fascinated meeting the dog, seeing the cows, investigating and exploring, splashing in the stream and digging with a stick.  We all really enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

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FEBRUARY GOALS - How did I do?

I listed some of my goals for February in my January Review post.  I know I didn't do very well with most of my goals; I must try harder!  Here they are again:

  • Most importantly; send off all the documents for Emma's passport application.  I finally have everything together, about a year later than planned, and have done the online application, so that's my top priority. - NO! Why haven't I done this yet?? I have to do it TOMORROW!
  • Publish at least one blog post a week, realistically I should be able to manage this. - Not quite, I only have 3 posts published in February.
  • Start scheduling social media - I have already started doing this just this week to try it out, now I need to make it part of my routine.  - Okay, I have been scheduling to tweet a few of my most recent posts but need to be more consistent and thorough with it.
  • Design a new header and logo - I've been meaning to do this for the past two years!  The parrot was only meant to be temporary. - Nope, still not done this.
  • Get a haircut!  My hair is a mess at the moment.  - NO, can you believe it?  It's an even worse mess now.  I need to get it cut THIS WEEK!
Looking back at this, I think "didn't do very well" is a bit of an understatement.  I was absolutely rubbish!  I failed miserably at meeting my most important goals and there's no excuse.

One area where I did do quite well was with Instagram, which I'd aimed to put a bit more work into in February.  I'd been stuck for a while, getting equal numbers of followers and unfollowers.  I joined a pod, used hashtags more strategically and tried to post regularly, at least every other day, and in the past couple of weeks my numbers have started going up a bit more steadily.


I have lots of ideas for posts but I just can't get enough time to write them, which is a bit frustrating.  I need to organise myself better to improve my productivity.

So I only published three posts last month; We Love Books! #6 - Oi Dog! which I actually wrote in January, January in Review and a post for Pancake Day, Pancakes with a Mexican Twist.


Some of my favourite phrases Emma has been using lately:

Quiero jugay con los amales porque son muy bonitos.  = I want to play with the animals because they're very pretty.  (She was talking about her finger puppet animals).

I love oo so much!

A mi no me da meyo! = I'm not scared!
Come on mummy, you can do it!
What's going on?


I'm carrying over the goals I didn't reach from February and adding a few more:
  • Reorganise my Pinterest 
  • Write more!
  • Repeat the 31 days of #YogaRevolution and aim to do some yoga very day.
March is a busy month, lots of birthdays.  Emma will be turning three and then a week later it's my birthday - the big Four-Oh.  Not quite sure how I feel about that - mostly a bit weird and incredulous as in my head I still think I'm about 20.  Not quite ready for it yet.

Here are some words of encouragement that I want to keep in mind this month (well, forever, actually):

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Cuddle Fairy


  1. Ah this is a lovely post and I think you actually did and achieved a lot! Be kinder to yourself with blog stuff, it'll happen :) #candidcuddles

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time away and a very busy month ahead. Happy Birthday to you and Emma x

  3. I had a tough few weeks with lost blog mojo so yes I'd be freaking out if I only wrote 3 posts in a month (although actually there was once a time when I really did just do 2 a month!) and I hear you. Oh my the passport thing; guess what? We've had flights booked for months now for April AND I knew the kids' passports expired in November. Guess when I sent the application? Yep...this week!! Good luck with the Pinterest and well done with the Instagram. Those pods didnt' work for me at all. I love that #candidcuddles mantra at the end. So true!