November Update

What happened to November?  It seems to have passed by without me even realising it and now Christmas is almost here!

Having said that, looking back at my photos, it was quite a busy month, so here's a quick roundup.

November update

November 2nd was the Day of the Dead here in Mexico and a national holiday.  It happened to be a Wednesday and we were originally only going to have this day off work, but a couple of days before the weekend we were told we would get Monday and Tuesday off too!  So we had a surprise five-day weekend, yay!  Of course that only applied to schools, and my other half had to work as normal.

I decided to make my own Halloween pumpkin this year - it was really tough to cut into, or maybe my knife wasn't sharp enough, anyway I was quite pleased with how it turned out!

Halloween pumpkin

There was an organised trick-or-treat gathering in our street on the evening of November 1st.  We dressed Emma as a witch in a slightly improvised costume and with the wrong kind of broomstick, but she was happy!  She was delighted to find a bag of mini marshmallows in her Halloween candy!

Little witch

That same day we'd gone into the centre of Queretaro to have a look at the altars on display, which are always very eye-catching and colourful.  You can see some more of the pictures I took and read a little about this tradition in my last post, The Day of the Dead - in pictures.

Day of the dead

We had a surprise visit from our goddaughter, now aged seven, her six-year-old sister and their mum, who stayed with us for a few days.  The girls are distant cousins of Emma's and it was great for her to have children to play with and share her toys with - which she was pretty good at; I overheard her asking her cousin to lend her a toy.  We taught her to play Memory one evening and the three of them had fun playing it together with Emma's animal cards.  They were very amused by Emma's way of counting:  Unu, dos, tes, sete! (1, 2, 3, 7!)

Due to Revolution Day on November 20th, we had another puente, a long weekend  - just three days this time - so we went to San Luis Potosí, where we used to live, for a couple of days.  We mostly saw relatives, had a wander around the centre and relaxed.  We got to taste once more the famous tacos rojos from Tequis garden, near where we used to live, yummy!

On the steps

I bought a book I'd been wanting to read for ages and ages.  It's about an English-born artist, Leonora Carrington, who made Mexico her home.
I'm sure I'll write more about it in a We Love Books! post at some point.

Leonora Carrington book

To find out more about this artist is a useful resource with various examples of her work and a brief biography.

Emma's become quite a chatterbox, chattering away in both English and Spanish.  Near the beginning of the month I wrote a Bilingual Toddler Update about her progress with both languages.  However, one of my favourite phrases that she has started saying just recently is about our dog, Solovina.  Emma suddenly says to me, "Sonina is my bes fend!"  How cute!  The other day she told me, "I love Sonina, Sonina love me!"  And they are great friends.

I saw a video on Facebook the other day of a speech by J. K. Rowling in which she was talking about the opportunities provided by failure, and how it made her focus on what was really important to her.  I took this phrase from it, which I think is important to remember:

Failure quote J K Rowling

Cuddle Fairy