This Week 29/52: In pictures

I wrote plenty about this week in our Potty Training Diary: Week 2, but it wasn't all about the potty!  Here are some of our non-potty-based highlights of the week:

Emma's favourite phrase this week was probably Look at me, mummy!  I obediently turn to look (or maybe I was already looking at her) and see her standing on one leg, or on her head, swinging on the edge of a chair, trying to pull her knickers down by herself (still struggling with this!) or building a tower out of toys.

Some of my favorite photos from this week: 

Toddler tricycle

Emma was determined to put her wellies on to go outside - maybe in the hope of finding some muddy puddles to jump in?! 

Toddler hide and seek

Playing hide-and-seek with a toddler; she tells me where to hide, of course!  She says, "Say 'ere, mummy!" Then she counts, "One, two, see, fy!"

Blue moth

We came across this beauty on the way to the bank the other day.  The colours were even more vivid in real life, the photo doesn't really do it justice.


Broccoli bake

My broccoli cheese ham and pasta bake.  It was an experiment that turned out pretty well, I think.

Toddler picnic

In an attempt to get Emma to eat better, I resorted to taking dinner outside and having a picnic.  She enjoyed the novelty of it and did eat a bit more out in the evening sunshine.

Doing and making...

Toddler art painting

We had a little art session which started out with a butterfly collage for a friend's birthday card, then moved on to making handprints and fingerprints and just painting with a brush.  Emma had a lot of fun painting her own hand, then her nails, then the back of her hand, then up her arm!  Let's just say there was quite a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards!

Quote of the Week 
I like this quote, the ambiguity of it.  Apply it to whatever you like.

Quote Thoreau

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  1. Ah what a lovely day with your daughter! The pasta bake sounds delicious and looks like she is enjoying it. I love when it's sunny out, everyone (including the baby) is much happier haha. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  2. Oh I do love the idea of eating outdoors instead. #BloggerClubUK