This Week 27 & 28/52: Toddler fashion craze?

Week 27 was my last week at work before breaking up for summer and week 28 was the start of my holidays and first week of potty training - catch up on our progress in my Potty Training Diary Days 1 & 2 and Days 3, 4 & 5.  It was a challenging week and the challenges will continue.

The Saturday before last we took Emma for a checkup with the pediatrician as it had been ages since the last one.  Everything was fine, she's growing and developing as she should be.  At one point, sitting on the examining table as the doctor was looking into her ears, Emma's lower lip began to stick out and she looked like she was going to start crying.  Then she did, for a little while.  It must have all felt a bit strange to her, as we don't go to the doctor often enough for the experience to be something familiar.  But after that she was okay.

Finger puppet birds feeding on a biscuit!

The other day in the park, Emma delighted in throwing seeds and stones down the slide, but it was hard to convince her to go down the slide herself.  She was really amused to see a dog splashing around with great enjoyment in a deep puddle in the grass.

Later, we stopped off at the supermarket to get a few things, which Emma wasn't happy about at all, so I said she could help me pull the wheelie basket around.  She was convinced.  Then she noticed the stickers on the bananas and peeled off a couple and stuck them on her hand.  I told her the stickers said "I'm a banana" and asked her if she was a banana, so with great amusement she went around the fruit section saying "Emma banana, Emma banana!" and peeling stickers off all the other fruit!  She got quite a collection on her hand; she then stuck all the stickers on top of each other and put the whole lot on her shoulder.  She wore them like that all the way around the supermarket and back to the park and it got me wondering whether this was the latest trend in toddler fashion - it certainly seemed like it!

Toddler fashion
Could fruit stickers on the shoulder be the latest toddler fashion craze?

Emma loves...

Stickers, of course - rearranging them, sticking them all on top of each other, etc.
Peppa.  Say no more.  But why do they keep putting marathons of Peppa on TV?  I'm scared to switch it on sometimes.
Jumping - jumping everywhere, in the street, up and down steps, on the bed, on the sofa, on the grass...
Climbing - usually on the furniture and generally using it as an obstacle course.
Biscuits - no matter how much her appetite for nutritious food seems to have diminished, this has not in any way affected her capacity for biscuit consumption.

Emma says... much!  Just a few of her phrases:

Ahora tu, mummy = now you, mummy (taking turns)
Get geen one/ get yeyo one = we were playing with a green ball and a yellow ball, but she wasn't always keen on going to get either of them, instead trying to persuade me to go and pick them up!
Emma tiene seño (sueño) = Emma is sleepy
Gammar = Grandma (during a conversation over Skype)
Miya, Emma in Daddy pace, nex Mummy! = Look, Emma's in Daddy's place, next to Mummy! (She delights in sitting in Daddy's side of the bed!)
(Singing) Uno, dos, tes, sete, ocho, Emma sing song! = 1, 2, 3, 7, 8  (This is how Emma counts in Spanish!)
Tu botas mamá, sump muddy puddles! = Your boots, mummy, jump in muddy puddles! (Where did she get the idea of jumping in muddy puddles from, I wonder!). Emma has some wellies now, so she had to put them on to do pretend jumping in puddles!  Of course she got my boots out and tried to rope me in, too!

A common conversation we have in these days of frequent afternoon thunderstorms goes like this:
'Sen (listen) Emma puts her hand to her ear and I ask her, What can you hear?  She answers, Unna (thunder).

My Quote of the Week is back.  A reminder of how much difference our attitude can make.

Quote attitude

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  1. Emma loves all the same things as my niece, my niece likes to put the stickers in places we can't see like ALL OVER the underneath of the dining table! #fortheloveofBLOG