This Week 26/52: Countdown to summer

We'd been counting down the days until June 30th, last Thursday, which was the last day of school for all the children, although the teachers still have a week or so until our summer holiday starts.

The previous Sunday we went to a barbecue at the house of a distant uncle here in Queretaro with a handful of family members currently living in the city.  The weather, not unusually for this time of year, started to get a bit overcast and windy with some light rain but we were under a roof so it didn't bother us.  Emma was fascinated by the luscious long grass in the garden and the limes on the lime tree.

Toddler looking up
On the way there
Toddler running with limes
Running through the grass with limes!

I was invited by Katy of Untold Morsels to participate with several other expat bloggers in a collaborative post about the food we miss most from our home countries.  It was a new experience for me to write a piece for someone else's blog so it was an exciting opportunity (although I struggled to keep within the word limit!). I seem to really enjoy writing about food and it was a fun topic that I definitely have plenty of opinions about!  Please have a look at the post, Tastes Like Home, as all the contributions make for an interesting and mouthwatering read!

At the weekend we went to San Luis Potosí, a city about two hours from here where my husband grew up and where I lived for over seven years.  We didn't have that much time to see everyone and do everything that we wanted, but it was nice and a little strange to revisit the place - for me it was the first time in four and a half years.  Of course, Emma was a sensation!

Emma says...

Emma has been saying so much, and copying so much of what we say.  These are a few of the most memorable things:

Emma va = Emma goes /is going (when someone's about to go out she says she wants to go, too.)

Oh-ey / no se = I don't know.  When she's asked Why? or ¿Porqué? she usually answers Oh-ey even though she can say the words No se properly.  The other day after she said this, everyone was telling her "No se, no se" so she would say it properly, and she burst out "Emma si se!" (Emma does know!)

Emma tiene dos años = Emma is two years old.  A really complete sentence!  She says it unprompted when she hears people talking about ages, not necessarily about her!

She also thinks it's very funny to imitate Zidan, her grandmother's French poodle.  She starts crawling  on the floor saying "Emma Zisan, Emma Zisan!" and follows him around, copying all his actions!  When he rubs his head on the rug, Emma does the same; she copies the way he barks and the way he drinks water (but doesn't actually drink his water, thankfully!).  It's quite amusing to watch!

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  1. How beautiful is her outfit :) My girls are in school until the 15th of July! So we are in the last week now. #KCACOLS

    1. Thanks! Her outfit is all hand-me-downs from a cousin! Enjoy the summer holidays!

  2. Enjoy the summer holidays, Emma is a cute little girl. #kcacols

  3. Gorgeous girly! It's so ace when they start nattering away isn't it! Such a fun age, enjoy the Summer. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  4. How lovely to see your girl starting to put Mexican sentences together. I think it is amazing how little ones can pick up different languages at the same time. A great skill to have when she is older, opening up so many opportunities! xx Kathy #KCACOLS

  5. That top photo is so cute! It's fab that she's picking up words so quickly too! x #KCACOLS

  6. Oh love the poodle imitations that is so cute! It soundseems like you've had a fantastic run up to Summer. It's lovely being able to spend time visiting family, and they must love seeing Emma too. I hope the cooking went well, and it must have been nice to meet other expat bloggers! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  7. I love that denim skirt. So gorgeous with the pleats. Love hearing about your adventures and Emmas language skills. Clever girl #KCACOLS #fortheloveofBLOG

  8. How nice that you did a collaboration with other bloggers. It is always exciting to write about things we love. Great that you revisit a place that you live for 7 years. You must have brought up lots of lovely memories. Emma is growing up quickly. It is so cute that she picks up so many words every week. I hope my youngest daughter speaks more spanish. That would be lovely. Right now she knows some words and understands when I speak. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great to have you, :-) xx