Potty Training Diary: Week 2

We survived the second week of potty training!

I know, people generally do.  You don't hear about families perishing while potty training, do you?  But seriously, there were moments when I wondered if it might be better to give up, stop for a while, and try again later, in a few months maybe.  But then I thought it might be worse as Emma got older.

Could it really have been that bad?  Well, from Tuesday to Wednesday she went at least 24 hours without doing a single wee - anywhere.  Tell me that this wouldn't worry you!  On top of that, she hadn't done a poo in over two days.  She had also not been eating properly for the past few days and seemed to have lost her appetite, so I was concerned that she was somehow mentally blocking herself about the potty and her health was suffering as a consequence.

Potty training

Emma woke up with a dry nappy in the morning.  During the course of the morning I got her to sit on the potty a few times but nothing came out.  Then I made the grave mistake of deciding to give her a bath shortly after breakfast.  She didn't like this idea one little bit and started having a huge tantrum, screaming so much that she ended up vomiting, then doing a wee in the bath.  Maybe that was the problem; I was too impatient to wait for her to eventually do a wee but Emma didn't like having a bath with the feeling that she needed to wee.  Probably that was it.  She doesn't do fits of screaming normally, but the few occasions when she has have been in the bath.

Anyway, cleaned up and out of the bath, she calmed down and was back to her usual self.  She wore a pull-up the rest of the day, but it stayed clean and dry.

As I mentioned before, by Wednesday afternoon, Emma still hadn't done any wee at all since her bath the previous morning, which was starting to worry me.  I had to go to the bank and I took her with me thinking that a little walk would probably do her good.  She was wearing a pull-up and while we were out she did a wee and a poo.  I didn't care that it was in the pull-up, I was just relieved that it was out!

A similar pattern to the previous day.  Her night time pull-up was dry in the morning, I changed her into some normal knickers but she didn't want to do a wee at all.  Then at midday I took her out to the
park just down the road for a picnic lunch.  She was wearing a pull-up which I had to change twice in
the short time we were out as she did lots of wee, then two poos!

Back home in the evening, I was in the bathroom when Emma came rushing in shouting "Knickers no! Knickers no!" I helped her to take them off and told her to sit on the potty.  She had wet the knickers a bit, but on the potty she only did a few more little drops.

As usual, her pull-ups were dry in the morning.  Some time just before 12 she said she wanted to do a poo.  Her grandmother took her to the potty, but Emma refused to sit on it.  When I got upstairs a few minutes later, she was sitting on the potty in wet knickers surrounded by a puddle of wee!  There was a considerable amount in the potty, too.

She stayed dry all night again (I'm thinking maybe night time potty training will be much easier than daytime potty training - she rarely does anything during the night, despite drinking her milk right before bedtime).  Around midday she started complaining/whining - now recognized as a sign that she needs to use the potty.  I think she subconsciously holds in the wee, so starts to feel really uncomfortable after a while.  She was persuaded to sit on the potty and eventually, after a demonstration of running water (it actually helps to pour a little water into the potty!), she gave an exclamation of surprise and I could hear her doing a wee!  This made me happy!

A bit later, she was complaining again and sat on the potty for a while and did a small poo.  Then she sat back on the potty again and seemed to want to do more, but didn't.  Perhaps about an hour afterwards, she was getting ready to go out with her grandmother when she started complaining and crying.  We discovered she had done a poo again, this time in the pull-up.  In the evening, when she got back home again, her pull-up was wet.

So all in all, it was quite a productive day!

Not much to write about, just one wee in the potty all day.

Again, at around midday she did a wee in the potty, and said that she needed to go beforehand, so she seems to be getting into a bit of a routine now.

In the afternoon, she was in the bedroom, close to the potty when she suddenly cried out "Esoy acendo popo!" (I'm doing poopoo!). She was!  I got her to the potty just in time - sort of.  It came out in the potty, anyway.

Later that afternoon, we went out for dinner (because I really couldn't be bothered to cook and also thought we needed to get out).  It was Emma's first time out with normal knickers instead of pull-ups (I gave her the option but she chose knickers!).  She was absolutely fine.  We were out about two and a half hours, walking on the way there.  On the way back she fell asleep in the pushchair.

So, in conclusion:  Week 2 ended much more promisingly than it started.  Although she may not always tell us in words when she needs to use the potty, she does at least let us know by making complaining and whining noises!  She is becoming a bit more willing to use the potty when she needs to and it's becoming part of her normal daily routine activities.  Best of all, she's eating better than she was, which is great.  We just need to work on her drinking more fluids, I think.  I'm definitely feeling more optimistic!

Let's see what Week 3 has in store for us...

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  1. Potty training is hard work and it can be worrying when they are holding it in. Hope week 3 has some success too! #KCACOLS

  2. Argh man I'm right there with you! Week one here with my little boy. :) #KCACOLS

    1. Good luck! Our experience is that it's a gradual process and takes longer than a lot of people led me to believe!

  3. I am no help with potty training I am afraid as the paediatrician told us to hold off potty training entirely with our eldest, who has autism. He understands the whole process but I have tried everything going and he just refuses point blank to do any of it - wear pants, sit on the potty, anything. We have literally tried dozens of times and it results in huge distress. So don't worry too much :) Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  4. I need to start soon. I'm super nervous! #KCACOLS

  5. Sounds like you are making progress! She is clearly ready if she's able to hold it as long as she has been so keep going - you'll get there! #KCACOLS