Potty Training Diary - Days 3, 4 & 5

Our potty training journey continues!  Read the first part of our adventures in Potty Training Diary - Days 1 & 2 to find out how we got started.

Potty training

Day 3

In the morning Emma's nappy was dry again.  Today I was determined that Emma should be spending less time just sitting on the potty, which is how she'd spent most of the previous day - she
wouldn't get up!  So after sitting there for a little while in the morning with nothing happening, I
managed to convince her to get up and play.  She didn't want to put knickers on, though.

It still took a long time, but things started happening slightly earlier than the previous day.  At around 1pm we were in the bathroom and Emma was rearranging all the stickers on her chart.  Then she wandered back into the bedroom without saying anything.  I followed about a minute later to see her sitting on her potty, looking up at me.  Then I noticed a puddle right in front of the potty!  When we checked, there was some wee in the potty, too.  I was really happy and congratulated her for realizing all by herself that she needed to use the potty and going to sit on it.  I thought it was a huge advance.  

About an hour later, Emma seemed to be really uncomfortable.  She sat on the potty again and was there for quite a while and kind of crying-complaining.  When I checked in the potty there was a lot of wee in there.  After that she was happy to put her knickers on and was jumping and climbing over everything, basically turning the bedroom into some kind of obstacle course!  I couldn't get her to drink a lot of liquids, however.  I kept offering her juice or water but she would only occasionally take small sips.

Much later, she was sat on the potty again and I went to get a couple of things from the shop across the road, leaving Emma with her grandmother.  When I came back a few minutes later there was a surprise waiting for me in the potty - a small poo!  Another achievement!

In conclusion, I think it was a great day with a lot of advances.

Potty training sticker chart

Day 4

This was a really rubbish day.  I suppose we didn't get off to a very promising start as we began late: we went downstairs to make and eat breakfast before taking Emma's nappy off, so of course she did a wee in the nappy.  I have to say, though, that it was worrying me a bit that she seemed to be holding
in her first wee of the day for as long as possible.

During the day she was wearing knickers, playing and sitting on the potty for not-too-long periods of time, but nothing was happening.  She was also avoiding drinking much liquid and she was refusing to eat very much.  This was worrying, too.  The previous day she hadn't wanted to eat much either.

Some time in the afternoon, I noticed her knickers were a bit wet and when I took them off I discovered that it wasn't wee, it was actually a smearing of rather liquidy poo.  However, Emma hadn't said or done anything to suggest she was uncomfortable, she'd just continued playing.

And that was it all day, until nighttime when we put her nappy on.

My main concern was with her eating, and that maybe her tummy wasn't 100%.  I've even wondered if she has parasites again, as that can cause loss of appetite.  We'll see if there's any improvement over the next few days.

To end on something positive, the highlight of the day for me was probably when we did some yoga together.  It was very funny and we'll definitely have to do some more!

Potty training stickers
Emma's sticker chart after she'd rearranged all the stickers umpteen times!

Day 5

After being stuck in the house most of the week, I was determined to take Emma out, get some fresh air and have some fun - even if it meant taking a break from potty training.  A reassuring email from my mum also encouraged me to this!

So, in the morning, I took off her nappy (dry) and she sat on the potty for a bit, but nothing came out. We were at home all morning, but she didn't do any wee at all and when we went out at about 1pm I did put a nappy on her as I think it's a bit too soon to take her out for such a long time without one.  Also we were going to the park first and there aren't any toilets there!  

We were out all afternoon, went to the park twice, did a lot of walking, Emma ate slightly more than the previous day, but still not much.  On the way home she fell asleep - it was about 8pm, by then - so there was no chance to use the potty in the evening.  I am glad we went out, though, as I think we both needed a bit of distraction!

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  1. I hope you manage to make some real progress soon. Potty training was one of the things I hated when my daughter was a toddler #kcacols

  2. Sounds like a real up and down journey; I bet you'll be glad when it's done! #KCACOLS

  3. It's not an easy process is it. I'm a big believer in making sure the child is really, really ready before starting, after putting pressure on my son to get it when he just wasn't 'there' yet. Once he was ready though it was really quite a quick process. x #KCACOS

  4. I think she has done well. Of course there will be ups and downs which is normal and also every child take their own time. My eldest was a little bit difficult with this. She learned it in a week but she had some accidents now and then after that. And the potty training at night was a nightmare. She just finally mastered it at the beginning of the year when she was more than 5 years old. So this time with Sienna I'm taking it all in a more relaxed way although as I mentioned in my comment to your previous post she seems ready. I'm looking forward to reading how are you getting on with the training. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. x