Potty Training Diary - Days 1 & 2

The time has come.

Emma has just turned 28 months old and I have a whole month of summer holidays with no plans to go anywhere and nobody coming to visit.  So, if not now, then when?

It's the perfect moment.  I've listened to colleagues' advice and experiences and read a whole lot of blog posts on the subject.  I even made a Pinterest board.  My toddler is on the verge of becoming a Big Girl.

There's no getting away from those two little words: Potty training.

Potty training

Maybe I'm exaggerating a little!  I was quite excited about it last week and made a list of all the things we would need.  I made a sticker chart.  We went to the supermarket and stocked up on some new cleaning cloths, floor cleaner and a new bucket (which we needed anyway), bought a few pairs of knickers for Emma (bit disappointed to find they don't sell them in packs, only individually, which works out more expensive), and a book of stickers - I think I was more excited than Emma to discover they had Peppa stickers!

We'd already bought the potty a couple of months ago and Emma had been practising using it a little bit every day.  She had once done a poo and once done a wee on the potty but since then, nothing.  In fact, she seemed to be holding everything in while she was on the potty.  So, time to start serious potty training!

Potty training

Day 1
Day 1 doesn't really count as I had to go out during the day so we only started potty training after dinner.  It was a soft start.  Emma was reluctant to use the potty at first, but was quite excited about the stickers so that helped to convince her.  She sat on the potty and put her first sticker on the chart.  Then she wanted to choose more stickers so I let her put a few more on the picture at the back of the sticker book.

Nothing was happening on the potty, although she was sitting there for a long while.  She seemed to be holding it in.  However, she didn't want to get up from the potty either.  Eventually we persuaded her to stand up and try her new knickers on.  She practiced pulling them down then up again (I had to help her pull them up).  At some point she went off to her grandmother's room and that was where she stopped holding it in, wetting her knickers, her grandmother's trousers and leaving a large puddle on the floor!  Emma was upset about it and started crying, even though we were calm and told her it was okay.

By then it was about 8.30, so I put her nappy on for the night.  Following some advice, I'm trying to
start referring to them as "pyjama knickers" or "nighttime knickers" to get her away from the idea that she wears a nappy.  It's difficult to remember to do this, though.

To sum up: 0 in the potty, 1 wee on the floor, 1 wet pair of knickers.

Potty training
Taking her time...

Day 2
First full day of potty training.  In the morning Emma had her milk and ate a plum downstairs, then we went upstairs and set up camp in the bedroom.  Her nappy was still dry from the night before so I was sure she would need to wee very soon.  She sat on the potty and ate some chocolate Cheerios and a yakult (is that breakfast too sugary?), watching Peppa on the TV.  She didn't do anything in the potty but didn't want to get up either.

By 11.40am there was the tiniest drop of wee in the potty and Emma still wouldn't stand up.  She seemed to be showing rather too much sphincter control!

More time passed.  We had lunch at her little table which I'd moved into the bedroom.  She still didn't want to get off the potty!  Getting desperate I resorted to more bribery, telling her she could have a biscuit if she did a wee in the potty.

At 3pm finally there was a big wee in the potty! Yay!  We celebrated and I did a silly dance, as promised.  Then wiping, saying bye bye to the wee in the toilet (Emma likes to flush the toilet), washing our hands and putting more stickers on the chart.  Then rearranging all the stickers on the chart!  Then a biscuit (each!  I deserved one too!), as promised.  Then she wanted to sit on the potty again.

There was more to come out, unsurprisingly after all this time.  She started crying a little, then when I checked she'd done another wee in the potty.  Cue more celebrating and silly dancing, etc.  After that, I persuaded her to put some knickers on and a few minutes later there were a few drops of wee on the floor and her knickers were a bit wet.  It wasn't much though.  Emma then wanted to put her clean knickers on.  I could see she seemed a bit uncomfortable and tried to convince her to sit on the potty again, but this time she wouldn't.  When she started doing a wee I tried to react quickly and get her to the potty, but basically it just went all over the floor and I had to wash a second pair of knickers.  Emma was upset and crying again, but I kept telling her it was alright, cleaned her legs and feet and the floor (I had all cleaning supplies and equipment ready in the bathroom!).  So after hours of nothing, it was all happening at once.

Some time later she did another wee in the potty.

At about 8pm we put her nappy nighttime knickers on and a short while later she had done a lot of poo, after keeping it in all day.  I felt exhausted!

To sum up:  3 wees in the potty, 1 wee on the floor, 2 wet pairs of knickers.

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  1. Oh bless her! Potty training sounds stressful for everyone involved, and a bit messy! It sounds like she's already making good progress early on though so fingers crossed it won't take her long! Xx

  2. Best of luck with the potty training journey, great to read your progress so far. We're almost ready to start I think! #KCACOLS

  3. Bless her. She'll get there! I still swear by reward charts now for things and think we started with potty training! #kcacols

  4. Oh god I forgot all about this stage! I was lucky that The Kid just kind of dos it but I know no2 isn't going to be so good! It was the shock of having to find the nearest loo whenever we went out! And don't get me started on queuing for the loos! #KCACOLS

  5. This is one of the things I'm hoping to tackle this summer, but have been putting it off as I remember what it was like with my son, haha! x #KCACOLS

  6. I'm very interested to read your potty training story because I'm also kind of starting it but not because I wanted but because my daughter is ready. Well she just asks to do a poo in the toilet not sure how she learned it (I think watching her older sister) so now without any training she does a poo in the toilet using a seat/ring that goes on it. We have a potty but she is not very keen on it. It is all so strange she is not even 2 years old! But I'm not complaining. I just need to start training her properly regarding the wee as she has not done this yet. I was waiting for her to be moved to the 2 to 3 room at nursery so we can all work together with the training as at the moment she is in the baby room and they don't support potty training there. So very soon she will be moved and my potty training story will begin too! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great to have you, :-) x

  7. Aww those first days are really tough. I remember how proud I was when Zach used the potty and he was chuffed to get stickers. It was at that point too soon though and so he went back into pull ups for a few months before he decided himself at just before 3yrs that he was ready. I think it is really important to make sure they are ready! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday