This Week 24 & 25/52: Making sense of things

Another two weeks of catching up to do, and it feels as if I'm constantly trying to catch up with my life - never enough time, always a million things I need to do and the house still a mess.  As usual.  Sometimes I just need to stop thinking about all of that and relax, enjoy the moment.

I guess the biggest event this week was the whole Brexit fiasco.  Fiasco might be putting it lightly.  We were watching the Mexican TV news on Thursday night, which was early Friday morning UK time, with a mixture of disbelief and horror as the results were reported and almost apocalyptic predictions were made.  The next day the reality began to sink in when I read the news from the UK press; thousands of miles away my home country was going through upheavals and uncertainty, while most people around me were largely unconcerned and life was going on as normal.  All weekend people were asking me Why did the British people vote to leave the EU? What possible benefit is there for Britain?  I struggled to answer the questions but how could I explain the situation so it would make sense to other people when it didn't even make sense to me?

Enough of politics and depressing things.  Here's my Quote of the Week; a reminder to pull together in spite of our differences and heal, not create divisions.

quote peace unity differences

Emma says...

Emma is turning into quite a little chatterbox!  She copies practically everything she hears and her sentences are becoming more and more complete, especially in Spanish (simpler grammar!).  However, it's hard to make sense of a lot of her conversation.

She says Yasias (gracias) or Nadoo (thank you) frequently without prompting and has started using the possessive mi (meaning my) in front of both English and Spanish words, for example mi wawa, mi money, mi heeto (frijolito), mi toos toos (my water, my money, my little bean, my cous cous!).  The latest is mi Peppa!  Emma has become a super fan of Peppa Pig, which I guess was inevitable at her age.

Other phrases:
Emma no ty misa/papos/wats = Emma no trae camisa/zapatos/watch (meaning Emma is not wearing a shirt/shoes/watch).
Ya es noche = it's night time (when she notices it's got dark).
No vamos = we're not going (when she didn't want to leave the play area of the restaurant on Fathers' Day!)
Emma baha = Emma go down(stairs)
Patito baha = little duck go downstairs

We were walking to the bakery to buy some bread the other day and as we approached it, Emma exclaimed Si hay pan! (Yes, there is bread!).  When we went inside, she said to me Don't touch, mummy!  I always tell her not to touch in the bakery, as all the bread and pastries are on low easy-to-reach shelves!


I really love this photo;  Emma looks relaxed and happy, although she did fall into the plants a couple of times when I was taking the photos!  Oops!  All was fine, though.

We've been eating...

ice cream

Chocolate ice cream - Emma's current favourite ice cream flavour.

Fathers Day meal

All-you-can-eat buffet at an Argentinian-style restaurant on Father's Day.  Lots of yummy food, but I didn't overdo it, not like last time I was here!

toddler making tacos

Emma is making her own tacos with a tortilla and fruit salad!  It got a bit messy, as you can probably imagine!

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  1. I love this post your daughter is gorgeous and it is fascinating to see her grasp of both languages...I did laugh at your falling in the plants comment bless her..the lives of blogger son no longer poses!#weekendblogshare

    1. I know! There were quite a few people nearby to witness - twice- and I felt like a terrible mother!

  2. Brexit has been both fascinating and terrifying to watch. Its simply unbelievable what has happened!
    It really is great to see your daughter speaking both languages. Its amazing how kids learn. She's beautiful :) #KCACOLS

  3. I love your pictures! Children learn so much faster when they are little. It's horrible what has happened with Brexit, but now we all must see what they can do with a bad situation.


  4. What a fun week! Children are so lucky to be immune from the crazy politics. #KCACOLS

  5. Unity in diversity may just be my new mantra! Looks like you have all had a lovely week #BloggerClubUK

  6. Brexit has confused me and the aftermath of it has been awful! Emma looks like she's loving the ice cream! #kcacols

  7. I'm with you with this feeling. I still don't understand why people have voted to be out of the EU. It is of course a big concern for me because being part of EU community (I also have an Italian Passport) has given me so many opportunities. I would have not been able to be here in the first place. It is just so sad and disappointing. Your daughter is growing so fast. She is so cute. I love those photos of her! She is learning so many phrases now. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It was lovely to see you back this week, :) x