This Week 22 & 23/52: Going potty!

When I got home from work on Tuesday afternoon, the first thing my mother-in-law did was to show me her phone, saying "Look!"

It took me a moment for my brain to process what my eyes were seeing in the photo and interpret what it meant.  It was Emma's potty - with a poo in it!  She did a poo poo in her potty!  Wow!  I was absolutely thrilled.

Okay, since when did looking at photos of poo become the most exciting thing in my life?  Is this normal?

So far, it has turned out to be a one-off event but that's okay; it's early days still.

Last Sunday evening Emma's daddy came back from the supermarket with a surprise for her: her new potty.  She was all excited about it and had great fun lifting the lid up, sitting on it, getting up and putting the lid down again, then repeating over and over.  She knew what it was for as a while ago she had been given a travel potty (the type you have to put a plastic bag in) and she had played with that, sitting on it (with nappy on) and pretending to do pee-pee and poo-poo.

Potty training

We haven't started potty training in earnest yet; she still wears a nappy, but we just want to get her used to the idea of using the potty.

Other highlights of the past two weeks:

A dip in the pool last Saturday - again Emma didn't want to get out and was chattering happily away in the water, saying "Soy oon sito" which I interpreted as Soy un pececito (I'm a little fish!).

Toddler swimming pool

I was (probably disproportionately) excited about reaching my goal of a thousand followers on Twitter over a month earlier than planned.

I gave myself a strict 11pm deadline for going to bed during the week, which meant I was going to bed around 11.15 or 11.20pm - earlier than I had been getting to bed.  I really noticed the difference, feeling much better, more awake and alert during the day.  I relapsed the next week and went back to feeling sleepy, grouchy and irritable, so I must try again this coming week and be much stricter with myself.

I listened to a Freakonomics podcast on How to be more productive.  It had a lot of interesting things to say on different aspects of productivity and is well worth listening to, or at least reading the transcript.  One of the most significant things for me were some useful tips on making more effective To-Do lists to help you achieve goals, which I'm starting to put into practice in my bullet journal.

Bullet journal

We ate...

My version of pescado a la veracruzana (Veracruz-style fish); I made a sauce for the fish by first sauteeing thin slices of onion, green pepper and some chopped garlic, pouring in cooked tomatoes that had been blended together with a few green olives, then simmering it for a while before mixing in more chopped green olives, capers and dried oregano.  Finally I added the previously browned fish to finish cooking in the sauce. It was really tasty.

Mexican food, fish
Pescado a la Veracruzana 

Emma says...

Purple! - She was looking out of the window one evening and pointing to a purple-ish cloud in the sky.
If we go out for a walk in the evening, Emma loves observing the colours in the sunset.  The other day she pointed up in one direction and said Miya pinch! (Miya = Mira, and means "Look, pink!"), then she pointed the other way and said Miya boo! (Look, blue!)

Yucky sassa  - She always points out the salsa when we eat it, but if I ask her whether she wants some salsa, the answer is always a vehement No!  She knows that it's hot, or pica (it stings)!

Oops desy - Have I really taught her to say "oops a daisy"?  I guess I can't blame anyone else!  It sounds so cute, too.

Sito deety button = Osito dirty bottom!  Osito is teddy bear.  Emma was showing me a little plastic teddy figure she plays with in the bath, then she put him in the bathtub and washed his bottom!

Betten = broken

Doe tuch  = don't touch 

Ice keem = ice cream

Heeto =  "frijolito" (little bean)

Hee ca ma = jicama (I was quite surprised when she said this the other day, I didn't realise she knew it)

Sorpessa = "sorpresa" (surprise) - her new favourite game; hiding small objects inside a little ball of plasticine, or in a pot, bringing it to you and saying "Sorpessa!"

Matty on peez  = nappy on please! - her request after sitting on the potty for a while.

Shoopmarkit  = supermarket - another favourite game.
She'll say to me "Ven, mami" (come with me).
I ask "Where are we going?"
Emma says "Shoopmarkit".
I ask her "What are we going to buy?"
She answers "Soup!"
"And what else?"
"Betty" (spaghetti) "Y wass" (and rice).
At least, that's how the conversation usually goes!

Here's my Quote of the Week taken from How to be more productive:

Quote How to be more productive

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Such a wonderful quote! We are, we are, the trick is remembering that. Love your blog by the way! My husband is Colombian so I'm always interested in other bilingual family blogs (: #candidcuddles

  2. Fab quote - our mindsets are everything! Congrats to Emma on her new potty, I'm sure she will do really well with toilet training. And congrats to you on 1k Twitter followers - woohoo!! Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles

  3. Oh I love all her little words and sentances! I miss this stage of development and it must be even more fun as new words come out in different languages. Clever Emma on her potty achievement and to you on Pinterest. I have about 50 I think! Ha ha ha! Thanks for linking to the #weekendblogshare