This Week 19/52: Mother's Day and Teacher's Day

It was Mother's Day on Tuesday - in Mexico it's always May 10th - which meant it was just an ordinary working day.  After school I met up with my mother-in-law, Emma and Emma's great-uncle and aunt ("Tito" and "He-ha") and we had lunch together.  I almost didn't recognise Emma with her hair tied back in a ponytail - it's getting quite long now.

She spent quite a lot of time in the children's play area of the restaurant, which she loved although it was only small.  She was fascinated watching the older kids charging around and an older girl sat her down and tried to "teach" her to say different words!  Emma obediently did her best to repeat the words.

Mother's Day

May 15th was Teacher's Day here - very nice tradition!  We didn't get a day off as this year it fell on a Sunday (although some schools got Friday off, I heard), but I got some yummy presents from my pupils, which was lovely!  The perks of the job!

Emma says...
mooee maw = muy mal (Spanish for "very bad").  Maybe bad behaviour, or not feeling well.
Muy Emma mal = kind of in the wrong order, she said this as she was moving chairs around in the kitchen!
Teen on = cream on; telling me she needed her sun cream on.
Tiss be-ta = kiss better; of course, every little bump needs to be kissed better!
Boy, girl - She's starting to identify boys and girls, and points out boy-characters and girl-characters in books.
Emma lit mo-kee = Emma little monkey (this is what I call her when she's climbing on everything!)
No-tee peepo - Wawa = naughty people - water!  This is what I said about the water delivery people who left us waiting for our drinking water for two days!
Ya mo hay foo = There's no more food (said in a forlorn little voice when I told her we had to go to the supermarket to buy some food.  I'm sure that comes from my elaborations on This Little Piggy  - "This little piggy had none.  Oh no, there's no food left in his kitchen, he'll have to go to the supermarket to buy some more, won't he?")

Suddenly at the weekend, I was hearing a lot of Mami, Mami, Mami!  Often with a shriek of frustration.  At one point she was trying to put her daddy's shoes on and "tie" the laces - more precisely, she was trying to kind of weave the laces through themselves (oh, Daddy will be pleased!). I told her to say "Mummy, help me", to try to avoid the screeching, which worked.  Of course, I then had to help her tie Daddy's shoelaces in a tangled knot!  Oh well.

Favourite things:
Emma has been eating lots of avocado.  One of my favourite foods, too.
I've been teaching her how to do star jumps, which is fun.  She almost loses her balance when she has to jump her feet back together again, but not quite.

My Quote of the Week for Teacher's Day:

Teacher quote

Seychelles Mama

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Aww how cute! It's funny how in Mexico, Mother's Day is always on May 10th, no matter which day of the week it is, but my kids didn't have school on that day (because Mother's Day), so it was ok. And they didn't have school on the following Monday either. Because Teacher's Day. And let's not forget school was also out on May 5th. May is just a party month in Mexico!

    1. We didn't do so well for days off in May this year, we only got May 6th instead of May 5th, and that was it! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Enjoyed reading this. We should have teachers day here in England. Interesting that Mother's day is not on a Sunday in Mexico! Tell Emma that avocado is THE best!

    1. Teacher's Day is a great idea, isn't it? And if it falls on a week day it's usually a day off school! Emma would definitely agree that avocado is the best - second only to biscuits!

  3. Happy teacher's day. As a teacher myself I love that quote. It is a pity the UK government have forgotten this!

  4. Hope you enjoyed teachers day. Your quote is great, fingers crossed Little Button will get a teacher like you when she starts school next year 😊 a great teacher can change your life! #candidcuddles

  5. I love reading your lists of things Emma says, it always makes me smile! And what a lovely quote too! x #CandidCuddles

  6. A lovely quote and great idea. I'm glad you enjoyed your two special days, the picture of you both is lovely xx #candidcuddles xx

  7. Happy teacher's day. Love the quote.

  8. oh i love all of Emma's little phrases, she sounds like she's doing so well and is being very observant of all around her bless her! She looks so grown up and so beautiful in that picture of her!!
    There is a teachers day here in Seychelles too, such a nice idea!
    Thanks for linking up with #myexpatfamily :)