This Week 16 & 17/52: Children's Day

Happy Children's Day!  In Mexico April 30th is el Día del Niño, a day for celebrating children.  In the kindergarten we had three days of activities in aid of Children's Day, which was great fun, but pretty exhausting for us.

Children's Day

This week's update will be for the past two weeks, as I've been struggling to catch up!

For Children's Day we took Emma to the zoo for the first time, which I'll write about in a separate post, but it was a fun day.

Emma's speech 

Some of the words and phrases Emma's been saying lately - I can't keep up with writing all of them down, but at least a few of the most significant.

Mo sha sheh (no se hace) = a telling-off phrase which roughly translates as "you mustn't do that" or "don't do that".  Emma must have heard it so many times from her grandmother and said it back to scold her grandmother for doing something she wasn't supposed to.

Pappel mo fi(t) = the apple doesn't fit.  This makes sense in the context of her favourite book, A New House for Mouse, when she's telling me the story!  Little Mouse is trying to pull an apple through the hole into her home, but the apple is too big (which is why she goes looking for a new home).

Han = hide, to play one of her favourite games, hide-and-seek.  Except there's not much seeking goin on as she immediately runs out of her hiding place shrieking with excitement!  She likes to count, too, although she gets the numbers in the wrong order (like starting with five and ending with two!).

Daddy mo shoes = Daddy's got no shoes on.
Shop = soap
Patcha = pasta
Beti = spaghetti
Heen = cojin (cushion)
Wawa mon = agua de limón (a drink made with water, lime juice and sugar)
Ya no I = ya no hay (there's no more).  She said it perfectly last night when she'd finished her milk.  Now she can say "no" instead of "mo" and does occasionally!

Emma loves singing and dancing; I often catch her singing along (kind of) to some music that's playing, or she'll start doing a little jiggle or spinning around!  I've been teaching her a few songs, too.  I mentioned one of her favourites, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, in another post.  Another of her favourite songs is "E I farm" (Old MacDonald, of course!)  - she likes choosing the animals and making the animal noises, although sometimes she decides to change the rules and have something on the farm that's not even an animal, like this...
Me: And on that farm he had some...
Emma: Cheese!
She either thinks it's hilarious or tells me off with a "Mo mo mo" when I start singing "with a cheese cheese here and a cheese cheese there"!

Baa baa black sheep is another one she likes to sing along with, and we also sing hey diddle diddle together.  With this one, I leave a pause for her to say the missing word at the end of the lines:
Me: Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the...
Emma: Moon!
Me:  The little dog laughed to see such...
Emma: Fun!
Me:  And the dish ran away with the...
Emma: Cha!
Cha?  Isn't it funny how, instead of copying the word I use, she translates it and says her version of the Spanish word?  Cha is cuchara, Spanish for spoon.  She always says Cha for spoon, and the same in the song!

My Quote of the Week is again related to Children's Day.  One of the apparently essential customs of the occasion is to give children presents - I don't know if this has always been the case or if it's recent commercialisation, but here's a thought about the gifts that children really need.

Quote children

Cuddle Fairy

The Pramshed


  1. Oh I love that quote! Such a lovely reminder of our role as parents. And I love how you write these updates of your daughter's speech, so nice to see the progression and the expressions she's picked up! x #CandidCuddles

    1. Thanks! I'm glad they're not just interesting to me!

  2. Oh this is an absolute favourite quote of mine just lovely. 🌸 thanks for sharing ❤️

  3. I love that quote - it sums up parenting so well doesn't it? It's so funny that Emma used her grandmother's phrase against her lol Thank you for sharing with #candidcuddles x.

    1. She was prompted, then kept saying it! Thanks for hosting, as ever!

  4. Ah such a sweet age! I love this stage when they are learning to talk and yet not old enough to douse you in sarcasm yet! My nephews are both bilingual (French/English) and I think it's such a great gift to give to kids - I wish I could speak another language fluently! Thanks for linking up with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x