This Week 15/52: Purple blossom

Again, I'm writing about last week, still trying to catch up with myself.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd decided to give bullet journalling a go... Well, I love my journal, although it's still a work in progress, it's just that every week I write a to-do list which seems almost identical to the previous week's list!  I manage to get about 2 out of 8 (on average) things done from each list.  Must do better!

This Week 15/52

Last week was mostly hot - a ferocious Mexican spring - with sunblock a must on a daily basis, although still chilly in the early mornings when I leave for work.  One of the things I love here at this time of year is seeing a mist of purple blossoms covering the jacarandas trees that line the roads.  They're everywhere and lend beautiful swathes of colour to the city.  I must try to get a good photo before they're all gone.

We had a couple of visitors; my husband's aunt, Heather was staying with us for a few days with her dog, PV.  Emma calls him "P"!  She loved having an extra person around to play with, and calls her "Heh-ha".

Emma's speech
Some of her recent words and phrases.

Pen door, pease = open door please (I got her to add the magic word to this little command)
Pes = pies (pronounced peeESS, feet in Spanish)
Na = nada (nothing)
Sain = same (she shows me two things that are the same, eg. some doll's trousers and her trousers!)
Nas  = nice
Noos  = loose (when she puts her sandals on by herself they're too loose)
Bu-chair  = pushchair
Aw don = all gone
Cho tose  = chocolate Cheerios!
We(t) shoes 
Shoes off
Cho(p) u(p) = chopped up (when I gave her the choice of how she wanted her banana the other morning)
Poopel faa = purple flower (the blossoms we see scattered on the ground whenever we go out for a walk)
Chon = calzon (knickers)
Mucho sal = a lot of salt, in Spanish.  She uses the English much, not much and now she's started using the very similar Spanish version too!

At the end of this month is Children's Day here in Mexico, so my Quote of the Week is a reminder from Le Petit Prince not to forget what it felt like to be a child.

Children quote

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Ah isn't it sad that grown ups don't remember what it's like to be little?! I have so many occasions with my kids where I think back to how I felt when I was little & I understand my parents so much now! Why they made decisions or things were done a certain way. Enjoy your hot weather - we have grey skies & rain over here. :) #candidcuddles

  2. I think it's important to put ourselves in our children's shoes now and then, to remember what it felt like to be little like them. Love your list of your daughter's words and expressions! x #CandidCuddles