This Week 14/52: Back to work

This week is actually last week as I'm very late in writing this update.
Classes started again on Tuesday 5th - at least we got an extra day off on the Monday, but, let me tell you, it was so hard getting up at 5.30 again after two weeks of Easter holiday.  I felt so tired by the end of the day, every day, and still do even into this week.  A sure sign I need to get to bed earlier.

This week 14/52

The previous week Emma had a bit of diarrhea so we gave her an anti-diarrhea medicine together with lactobacillus, as recommended by the pediatrician, for three days, along with a very restricted diet, obviously.  The lactobacillus was in powder form and she would eat it quite happily mixed into apple or pear purée.  The anti-diarrhea medicine was another story, however.  It's a bright yellow suspension which we gave her in an oral syringe to measure the exact amount and, no matter how much we tried to convince her that she would like it, that it tasted delicious (it does - I tried it!), the moment of taking the medicine was always accompanied by crying, screaming and kicking.  That is until the penultimate dose, when she suddenly decided she did like it after all, grabbed the syringe by herself and started sucking on it as I pushed the plunger down little by little.  When it was all gone she asked for more!  I couldn't believe the sudden U-turn!

Anyway, she seemed to be better so we stopped the treatment after three days.  A couple of days later the diarrhea was back again, at least a little, so we started the treatment again - this time without it being such an ordeal as Emma would happily take the medicine.  Now, fortunately, she really is back to normal.

Emma says...
Last Saturday morning at around 8 o'clock I was in the bedroom trying to catch up on some blogging before Emma woke up (she's a really late riser, usually) when I heard a perky little voice say "Ping, pong, papas!"  I thought Emma had woken up early, but when I turned to look at her she was still fast asleep!  I wonder what she was dreaming about!

Old plastic toy phone

On Sunday evening we were talking to my sister on Skype and Emma was very chatty.  She was playing with a tiny plastic toy phone that had belonged to her daddy, holding the receiver up to her ear and talking into it.  Then she thought it was really funny to keep dropping the phone on the floor.  I must have said something like "Oh no, you dropped the phone!" and maybe I said "Silly Emma" too, I don't remember exactly.  So Emma started saying, over and over again, "Sii Emma dot phone!" (Silly Emma dropped phone); a perfect four-word sentence!  She seemed rather proud of this achievement, or maybe it was because we all found it hilarious, but she kept saying it again and again.  Even when I was trying to get her to tell her auntie her full name, all she would say was "Sii Emma dot phone!"

By her full name, I mean her two first names, we haven't got on to surnames yet.  In Mexico they don't really have the concept of the middle name, you either have one or two first names and go by both your names, or just one of them or a diminutive amalgam of the two.  My daughter is is really called Emma Sofia, and just in the past week or so she's started sometimes calling herself "Emma Fia".

Here's my Quote of the Week, all about keeping a positive attitude and looking for the good side of things.  I try to keep my face to the sun (with sunblock on, obviously!).

Quote Walt Whitman

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Ahh Emmma Fia is a lovely version :) Fab quote! That's a funny story about the anti-diarrhea meds, there is no understanding children!! #candidcuddles

    1. I know! I'm glad she decided to like it in the end as it was a nightmare before that!

  2. My daughter is always talking in her sleep and I wish I could see what she was dreaming about! This is a lovely quote, thanks for sharing with #candidcuddles

    1. It would definitely be interesting if we could see what they were dreaming!