This Week 12/52: Easter holidays

We were wandering around town the other day, browsing the touristy shops, and in one shop Emma was fascinated by some little doorstop mice.  Actually, she was really fascinated with the big ones that were so heavy she could hardly lift them, but there she was lugging this mouse around the shop in her arms with a very determined "this-one's-mine" look on her face.  We did, however, manage to convince her that it was too big and she should choose a little one instead.  So here she is with "Mowsh":

This week 12/52

We also had a lovely afternoon at the park, making the most of the fact that I'm on holiday...


What Emma's been eating:
Cheese, cheese, cheese!
I also managed to get her to eat a few broccoli florets, which I was probably disproportionately happy about!

A collection of some of Emma's more recent new vocabulary:
Pappel (apple)
Ma-mo (mango)
Mowsh (mouse)
Tarsh (giraffe)
Wiche (white)
Wed (red)
Fun! (She said while climbing up and down the stairs)
Shar (sharp, she always tells me her plastic toy knife is shar)
Daddy (as opposed to dada)
S'un (this one)
Mach, mo mach (much, not much)
Bit (a bit, as in a little, or little pieces, bits in orange juice, etc.)
Sen (listen)
Pen (open): "pen door"

Shsh!  - This is her new thing, she shushes us when she doesn't like what we're saying! (Like when we tell her not to do something!)

After discovering the idea of the bullet journal on Instagram I've been inspired to make my own, in an attempt to organise my life better.  I've been working on it, trying out what works for me, so maybe for next week's post I'll have a photo of the work in progress.

Quote of the Week 
Relating to my attempts to organise myself...

Organisation quote