This Week (last week) 6/52: "Foo"

I'm a bit behind with last week's update; the weekend was pretty hectic and I didn't get a chance to write either of the two posts I'd planned to.

Anyway, on February 12th Emma turned 23 months old.  I can't believe she's almost two already.  She still insists she's not a big girl, though, she's still "foo" (this is her word for small)!  Here she is answering me when I asked her if she was a big girl:

6/52: "foo"

Oh, and she loves her hats at the moment.  Several times a day she says to me "ha, ha", points to her head and rushes to get out and put on one of her hats!

Later that day I was putting back her foam mats after cleaning underneath them (rare occurrence!).  Each square mat has a letter of the alphabet that you can pop out and in moving them around the letters had fallen out.  I started putting the letters back in the mats, then thought that maybe Emma would be able to do it, so I gave her the rest of the letters and asked her if she could put them back in their places.  She did it, and pretty quickly, too.  I was impressed!


The new words I noticed her saying last week are "dash" (scarf), "cha" (cuchara = spoon), "caca" (acá = here, which she and her grandmother find hilarious!) and if you ask her "Cómo estás?" or "How are you?" she answers "bien" (fine) - even if the question wasn't actually directed at her!