This Week 7/52: Crazy February

There's a saying in Mexico that goes, "Febrero loco, Marzo otro poco", which means roughly that February is crazy and March too!  It's referring to the weather and I would say it's true; the past week has been pretty extreme with temperatures yo-yoing between freezing cold mornings of 5 or 6 degrees and early afternoons in the mid-to-late twenties.  Add to that the icy winds blowing down the corridors at school and then the fierce sun beating down at home time - how do you dress for all that in the mornings?!

Morning smiles

New things I've noticed Emma saying this week:
"Beebee" (baby)
"Cha" (cuchara = spoon in Spanish)
"Jush" (squish, a useful word when playing with play-doh)
"Cheen" (ice cream, when making play-doh ice creams!)
"Bye bye" (accompanied by a wave!)
"Cat", "pibi" (piggy), "roo" (kangaroo)
"Chi" (chilli) - always accompanied by a flapping of hands and frowning to demonstrate an imaginary hot chilli (we don't actually give her chillies to eat!), when she's pretending to eat play-doh food.
"Boon" (balloon)
"Chay han" (change hands, while walking down the stairs)
"Fu, fy, fu, fy" (this is her counting again!)
"Shish" (fish)

There are lots of times when she says something and I try and guess what she's referring to but just can't manage to work out what she means.  That's a little frustrating.

Favourite Things
One of her favourite activities has probably been playing with play-doh.  She has three colours, but for some reason she always chooses the green.  She loves cutting, pressing into mounds, squishing and making little tacos and bread that she pretends to eat and gives us to eat!

Unfortunately, another of her favourite activities recently is to tip her training cup upside down and shake the juice out onto her table, or the floor.  Not so great.  And if it's on the table, she tries to drink it from the surface.  Really not great.  Hope she grows out of that soon!

Food Success
I was not-so-secretly proud of myself for finding another way to get Emma to happily eat spinach:
green spaghetti!

7/52: green spaghetti

The spaghetti was just normal spaghetti, but the sauce was made with spinach and spring greens, as well as onion, garlic, cream, basil and a little milk.  Emma loved it!

"Zizan" finds a comfy bed in Emma's dolls cot!  Cheeky.

This week's quote is always relevant and strikes a chord with me.  I wish I could be a more courageous person, as I'm really not.

Maya Angelou quote Courage

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Lovely post! I have been teaching my kids a little bit of filipino language as well. Cuchara in filipino means spoon too, I think we inherited it from Spanish. Beautiful quote too and so true! I wish I have the courage myself, as what they always say, no guts no glory! And Emma, she just looks so adorable, how I wish my kids love green spaghetti they way how Emma loved it. By the way, Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles this week.

  2. My little girl is also going through this process, but she also uses a lot of hand gestures and funny sounds lol
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    1. Oh yes, I guess I forgot to mention hand gestures, Emma has some very expressive ones, and funny sound effects, too!
      Thanks so much for all these awards, that's really exciting! I've had a Liebster award once before, but haven't come across the others, I will have a look at them!

  3. Courage is a great virtue but it's not easy. Your little one is coming on so well with her talk. Well done with sneaking in the spinach - parenting win!! And those temperature changes are insane!! How do you know what to wear? Layers so you can strip off I guess? :) Thanks for sharing with candid cuddles x

    1. Yes, layers are the only way to go in this weather! I end up having to carry many jackets and sweaters home with me!

  4. I've not heard that quote before, and just read it several times to let it really sink in, it's great! x