20 things that will definitely happen in 2016

Forget resolutions; they're only for New Year and probably won't last past the second week of January.  No wishy-washy good intentions for me;  to make the most of myself and of 2016, here's my list of things that definitely will happen this year:

20 things that will definitely happen in 2016
The sheep is supposed to bring prosperity for the new year if you hang it up by your front door!
Top priority:

1. Get all documents together to be able to make Emma's British passport application so that hopefully she'll have her passport by the time she turns two in March.  Have already made a start on this.

2. Get a phone!  I've been managing without a mobile for a few months now - long enough.

3. Driving: the scariest and most difficult thing of all, but I can't keep putting it off.  I have to re-learn to drive this year.  Re-learn because I did already pass my test once and get my driving license, many years ago back in the UK.  However, since I moved abroad soon after and never really did much driving, I lost my confidence and always found excuses not to get back into it.

Looking after me:

4. Get my hair cut more regularly - one of the things I'm always putting off, and I always have bad hair.  I need to dedicate a little more time and attention to my hair and so getting it cut at least once every two months will help.

5. Go to the dentist.  It's been too long since my last visit.

6. Get a proper skincare routine - my skin needs this, it's showing the ravages of age, not enough sleep and too much Mexican sun.  I need to do some research - any advice, anyone? - and start putting it into practice.

7. Make a little time each week to do some yoga.  Going to a class is probably impossible at the moment, but YouTube will do as a substitute.  I think both my mind and my body need this kind of exercise.

8. Make sure I get enough sleep - during the week I need to aim to be in bed by 11pm as I get up at 5.15 in the morning.  I always find this so hard, but if I'm organised and strict with myself I can do it.

9. My wardrobe definitely needs a little updating!  I have to buy one or two new items of clothing each month.

Looking after home and family:

10. Meal planning - make more of an effort to organise meals this year.

11. Cleaning - make a not-too-ambitious schedule and stick to it, no matter what mood I'm in.

12. Sort out my closet - it needs tidying and maybe getting rid of a few things.

13. Get bookshelves - we need somewhere to put all our books!

14. Organise Emma's toys - more creative storage solutions needed.

15. Make time for some planned activities to do with Emma - I haven't been very good at this, but I think we'd both enjoy doing things like art and crafts, especially.  I have to investigate activities and get planning.


16. I've been intending to redesign my blog header for over a year - this one was only meant to be temporary.  So it's about time I got round to it; put my artistic/creative hat on and try out my ideas.

17. The whole blog needs improving and updating; I need to dedicate a little time to that.  One of my priorities is to sort out some social media buttons - I don't even have a link to my Instagram yet.  Not quite sure how to do this, but will find out.

18. Interact more on social media - it comes down to making time again.

19. Try the 25-minute rule that I read about in this inspiring article  by Penny Alexander (lots of great ideas in it, by the way) to increase my productivity and reduce time-wasting.

Time Management:

20. Stop faffing about!  Wasting time, procrastinating, not getting round to doing things... Unfortunately, I'm an expert in all this.  I have to change my ways!

I need a plan - with deadlines, or none of this is ever going to happen.  I'm going to make a schedule for all of these goals and put it somewhere visible to make sure I accomplish them.  I also need to keep a notebook at hand, or use Evernote, to write things down as I they occur to me - things I need to do, ideas for the blog and other projects, etc.  If I don't write things down, I tend to forget them!

I'll post updates to keep motivated and remind myself of my goals and review them if necessary.

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  1. Excellent! Writing down goals in whatever form helps us achieve them. I have some similar ones myself, especially time management! I'm no good with skincare I'm afraid, I'm a soap and water girl xx

  2. These are great goals. I nee to be better with the hair, skincare and dentist too. In fact, you have reminded me about the dentist.

    Blogging-wise, I am new so I plan to just keep it up for now. I like your header :) #KCACOLS

    1. Thanks! I've had the "temporary" header for about a year now, so I think it's time for a change!

  3. Wow lots of things will happen in 2016 for you!! You definitely need to do the top 3 first as they are priority so hopefully you will have them done soon. I guess learning to drive again means that you will need to get some driving lessons. Are you okay to drive to the other side? It took me a little bit of time to get use to the way people drive in the UK as I learned to drive in the left side of the car. Regarding your skin care routine. I have discovered a great product called Marula Oil. I was lucky to be able to review it and it is fantastic!! I feel my skin is so rejuvenated!! Helps with the wrinkles and it has other uses too. Maybe you could give it a go! ;-) I also need to be more organised with my life and my blog. It is difficult with 2 kids but hopefully things will be better now that Sienna started nursery! I hope you manage to do this list this year. All the best for 2016!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It would be lovely if I can see you again on Sunday! :-) x