This Week 2/52

The second week of January was pretty cold; from lounging by the pool two weeks ago to wearing warm jumpers all day long feels like quite a contrast.  That's winter in Mexico for you!

Since December, Emma's become quite a fussy eater and is generally not eating that well, less than she used to, which is both worrying and frustrating and I'm not really sure how to deal with it.  Her "this is me complaining" face did make me laugh the other day, though...

This week 2/52

She turned 22 months old on Tuesday - can't believe she's nearly two already!

Big change this week for all of us as my husband has started a new job.  Hopefully it will be a really great opportunity.

I was thrilled to finally get my Permanent Resident visa the other day.  Before that, I had a Temporary Resident visa and had to renew it every year, which was a pain.  Now I never have to go back to the Immigration Office again as my new visa will never run out!  Thanks to the school where I work for taking care of the whole process for me and covering the costs - that's a huge help.