Christmas at the beach! 52 Memories - Weeks 51 & 52

Well, Christmas is over and it's already 2016.   We had a great holiday with my sister and her husband who came to visit for the first time and finally meet their niece in person - it was wonderful to see them get to know each other properly.  The past couple of weeks have inadvertently been a been a bit of a blogging holiday, too, mostly due to lack of Internet access.  So here's a little catch-up of what we've been doing and how we spent Christmas.

Week 51:
52 Memories Week 51

On a rather cold Saturday evening we found ourselves at the airport waiting for my sister Katy and her husband Karl to arrive for their first ever visit to Mexico.  We'd been telling Emma for weeks that her Auntie Katy and Uncle Karl were coming to see her and she would point out Katy in the family photo, so she seemed quite amused to finally see her in person, not just on a screen!

In the top-right photo Emma and Katy are playing a hilarious new game of bump on the bottom stair - a great ice-breaker if ever there was one!

Bottom-right:  The day after they arrived we went into the centre of Querétaro with my husband's uncle and aunt to have a wander around.  In one of the many squares the word "Querétaro" is spelled out in big white letters, so we sat Emma on the "E" for a photo.

Bottom-left:  Katy with Emma in the taco restaurant we stopped at on the way home to try the tasty soap de tortilla (just in the picture) and a few tacos with handmade tortillas.

52 Memories Week 51: Christmas at the beach!

We went to Acapulco via Mexico City with Emma's godmother, Ale and family, staying in an apartment complex with the beautiful pool you can see in the pictures.  It was somewhat surreal to be in the humid tropical heat of the coast at this time of year, but lovely to be surrounded by family and for Emma to have her first experience of the beach and the sea.  She loved playing in the sand with her bucket and spade, despite not being so keen on the feeling of the grains of sand on her hands, and got quite bold, walking down the beach to the water's edge by herself, sitting and laughing at the waves splashing over us.  The temperature of the water in the sea and the pool was gorgeous, you could stay in the water for hours, then dry off in the sun.  We had all our meals together on the roof terrace of Ale's apartment, thanks to her amazing organisational skills, she'd planned the menu and brought most of the food ready prepared from home.

Week 52:
52 Memories Week 52

From top to bottom on the left:  Christmas Eve at the beach, Emma contemplating the view of the sea!  
Christmas Eve morning, playing in the hammock on the roof terrace after a late breakfast.
Bacalao, one of the delicious traditional dishes we had for Christmas dinner on the night of the 24th, which is salted cod prepared with new potatoes, olives, peppers, chillies and almonds.

Top to bottom on the right:
Christmas morning, Katy and Emma opening a present from my sister Alex and her husband; a bath toy rain cloud that turned out to be a lot of fun in the pool, too.
Christmas Day in the pool, Emma and her Daddy playing with the inflatable given to her by her godmother  - also a big hit, Emma loved it.
Lastly, back in Mexico City a few days after Christmas we went to visit another of my husband's cousins and her family.  She has a four-year-old daughter (Emma's second cousin?) who immediately took Emma off to play with her toys and wanted to dress her up as a princess.  The two of them looked so sweet both in their princess dresses, running around hand in hand.  Here, Emma is having a go at hitting the piñata, a little bemused at this Christmas tradition, and she didn't quite understand the objective of grabbing as many sweets as possible, but she did like the stick!

Anyway, we had a lovely time with family and were so happy Katy and Karl were here to enjoy all these moments with us.  We hope they also enjoyed sharing in our adventures.  They certainly had some interesting experiences and unique memories to take back with them: a Christmas where the most important accessories were sunblock and insect repellent, a 4-hour trip to a completely different climate, sharing Emma's first trip to the beach, meeting lots of new people - family and friends, trying lots of new food, even eating grasshoppers with guacamole (and enjoying them!). In fact, Katy said that Mexican food had opened her mind and now she was going to be more adventurous with food!  We'll miss them!

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  1. How lovely that you got to spend such a special Christmas with family. The sound of sunshine and pools is making me very jealous in wet and cold Holland. #abitofeverything

    1. It was lovely, although probably the least Christmas-y Christmas I've ever spent!

  2. Looks like you and your family had a glorious time! Christmas at the beach - what could be better? Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything