Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Gratitude List

It's December, the last month of the year already!  I'm thinking of whether to change the format of my monthly gratitude lists for 2016, maybe do something similar but slightly different.  Meanwhile, here goes with my penultimate Gratitude List of 2015:

November Gratitude List

1. The Day of the Dead - we didn't get a day off or a long weekend this year, very unusually, but we went to the more-crowded-than-usual city centre to see the altars (altares de muertos) and wander around, mingling with people in fancy dress, some giving out sweets, and having photos taken with La Catrina.  See my post all about The Day of the Dead to find out more about this strange and unique celebration.

November Gratitude List

2. The opportunity to try a taco of grasshoppers and ants!  We met up with my husband's uncle and aunt in a restaurant specialising in food from Oaxaca, a region in the south of Mexico.  One of their specialties is grasshoppers!  Sounds appetising, right?  Everyone ordered grasshopper tacos, so I was brave and had a bite of a taco.  It was alright, quite tasty really, but just knowing that there were too many legs to count in the taco stopped me from wanting more!  In amongst the grasshoppers were some round black things that I thought at first were black beans.  When I got a closer look I realised they weren't beans!  Bit of a shock - they had legs!  It turned out that they were ants.  Yummy.

November Gratitude List

3. Visiting relatives - one weekend we were invited for dinner at my husband's uncle and aunt's house.  His uncle cooks really delicious meals, and this time was no exception.  His aunt also had made some gorgeous cinnamon bread and gave me the recipe, so I must try and make it myself some time.

4. Another weekend Emma's godmother from Mexico City came to stay for a couple of days, quite  out of the blue.  On Sunday morning we went to the Mercado de la Cruz, a fairly big market near the city centre, and had brunch at a stall selling delicious tacos, gorditas and quesadillas de guisados, the guisados being different fillings.  I had chickpeas, scrambled egg with green beans, chipotle mushrooms and nopalitos.  You sit on a stool at the tiled counter and order as you go along...another and another and just one more please!

5. Wandering around the centre of Queretaro is something I hadn't done in ages, but this month we went into town a couple of times to stroll down narrow streets and through little squares, past baroque churches and colonial buildings with huge old wooden doors.  It's great just to enjoy the atmosphere and browse the shops.

November Gratitude List
Staring intently at bubbles and balloons in one of the plazas in the town centre
6. We did get one long weekend this month, on the 16th in honour of Revolution Day (which is the 20th, but holidays are always changed to a Monday these days).  We made the most of it and took Emma to the park on the Monday, seeing how much she enjoys going down the slides, swinging on the swings and clambering/shuffling through the tunnel!

7. The fair - This weekend the Queretaro state fair began, so we went along, for the first time as we didn't go last year or the year before.  We saw lots of cows, a few horses, a circus on ice show which was a lot of fun (Emma decided that would be a good time to take a nap, amid all the noise and flashing lights - why not?), played some fairground games and wandered around one of the pavilions browsing the stalls and tasting various foods that were for sale.  And of course we had ice cream (one of my all-time favourite things) from the natural gourmet ice cream stall.  They were really delicious - I had a super-refreshing mint choc chip, my husband had the intriguing combination of mango and basil (also good) and Emma had a taster of lime pie flavour which she polished off pretty quickly.

November Gratitude List

8.  My funny, sweet, loving, smart little girl, growing so fast.  I wrote a post recently about some of her favourite things.  I'm just grateful that she's happy and healthy and she's really not a difficult toddler - so far!  She has her little tantrums but they don't last long and it's easy to distract her and make her laugh again.  She usually sleeps and eats pretty well - she often wakes up complaining, but not really crying, and settles again straight away (in the middle of our bed!).   The best thing is when she spontaneously throws her arms around my neck to give me a cuddle and lots of kisses!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list! That's a great idea....and you ate ants and grasshoppers tacos? I love visiting your blog. I learn something interesting all the time. I am now going to tell my taco crazy kid that interesting bit! How do they cook the ants/grasshoppers? Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    1. I only ate one bite of the taco, but everyone else I was with ate a couple of tacos at least! I think they fry the insects with some kind of seasoning, they're definitely a bit crispy! Maybe I should write more Mexican food posts!

  3. Seemed like a very busy month.... The grasshopper taco sounds interesting, don't know if I can eat lot, probably one bite just to try the taste of it. You little looks so cute, yes they're famous for tantrums at that age, isn't it? I have a 2 yrs old too and do have tantrums almost every day, hope they'll outgrow with it soon! #TheList