A few of my favourite things #3: 20 months old

Here is a snapshot of some of Emma's favourite things at the moment, in no particular order:

A few of my favourite things #3

1.  Drawing

Paul Klee drawing quote

This could involve colouring pencils, pens, crayons and paper,  or a little whiteboard and marker.  And, obviously, close supervision to ensure books, tables, clothes, etc don't get drawn on (not always successful!).  This is the current go-to activity to keep Emma happy and entertained for hours (I'm almost not exaggerating!)  As well as scribbles, she can also draw circles, lines and dots - and understand the words for these in both English and Spanish.  She's also starting to draw "things".  I realised this the other day.  We were browsing around the market and Emma's grandmother had bought her a little whiteboard with a marker.  She was immediately hooked and sat in her pushchair drawing on her whiteboard.  Two little boys came up to us, fascinated and wanting to draw, too.

A few of my favourite things #3 drawing

Emma watched patiently while the older boy was drawing, then erasing, then drawing some more.  I was thinking, it's good for her to learn to share her toys, but then sharing also means taking turns, so eventually I passed the marker back to Emma.  The boy had drawn a face, so I said to Emma, "Can you draw the hair?" She started drawing little circles on the top of the bread, exactly where the hair should be.  That was my "wow!" moment, how my baby is growing up.  A bit later she pulled on her ear and looked at me, then drew a little squiggle on the face.  Next she grabbed her foot, then drew on the face again - she was "telling" me what she was drawing!

A few of my favourite things #3 drawing hair
Drawing hair!

2.  Water
From shaking water out of her training cup and playing with the water for rinsing her toothbrush, to washing her hands (and splashing or patting her face with water) and playing in the bath, to splashing around in the swimming pool.

3.  Cleaning
I can't think where she gets this from!  She'll grab a cloth and start wiping tables, chairs, doors, whatever!  She also has a mini broom and mop and loves to sweep and mop the floor with these, although that still doesn't stop her from trying to use the big broom, or picking up the dustpan and "helpfully" bringing it to me when I'm sweeping up!

4.  Magnet books
She has two, a Peppa Pig one and a Ratatouille one, and she loves moving the magnet pieces around. Unfortunately they don't always stay with the book, so there are several pieces missing /temporarily mislaid /on holiday!

5.  Going out
This is the best thing ever!  Going out could mean just outside the front door, pottering around, picking up leaves or watering the plants, or it could be walking down the road to the garden or to throw the rubbish out.  It could mean going out into the street to the shops or the park, or going somewhere in the car.  It doesn't matter where!  It's also the cause of most of her tantrums when it turns out that we're going out means we're going out in a minute (just let me get my bag /shoes /keys, etc.) This is not a concept she has accepted yet! It's now or now.  The other tantrum moment is when it's time to go back inside and she's not ready.  We have to use various tricks and distractions to get her back in through the front door!

A few of my favourite things #3 the park

6.  The park
Of course, this had to be on the list!  There's a park with a little playground, which is more for older kids, not really ideal for toddlers, but it's the best we have within walking distance and Emma loves it.  At first she could only use the slides, with me holding her, but she was fascinated watching the other children playing.  Now she's become more confident and can (just about) go down the slides by herself and she even goes through the tunnels and on the swings.  The hard part is convincing her it's time to go!

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  1. This is a lovely post, it'll be so nice for you both to look back on when she's older! x

  2. Love that quote about drawing - hadn't heard that one before! #happydiaries

  3. This is gorgeous. My little one is very "helpful" with cleaning too. It makes it take much longer, but it also makes it much more fun! #happydiaries

  4. What a great post hun. Your daughter is so cute & busy. Her drawing is lovely. I love that quote - it's very true of toddler art! x