September Gratitude List

Another month already; 30 days have gone by in a blur of the usual and a few not-so-usual activities.

My routine this month has mostly consisted of: work, home, cooking, wondering what to cook, interminable washing-up, cleaning - less than necessary, shopping and paying bills, too-early mornings and too-late nights, spending what feels like not enough time playing with my daughter - never enough time.  Meals, nappies, baths, bedtimes, milk... Trying to make a little time to blog and falling asleep over the iPad, or just feeling too tired to write anything.  Insecurities and inadequacy in all areas of my life.

This sounds more whingey than grateful, so let's look on the bright side!

Gratitude List September

  • One of the things that took us out of our normal routine was Mexican Independence Day in the middle of the month.  Since it fell on a Wednesday we had a day off in the middle of the week, which broke it up nicely. The Tuesday felt like a Friday, too.
  • Another thing was a little trip we went on last weekend.  Somewhat last-minute, my husband's uncle and aunt invited us to a Barbacoa and Pulque Festival in a village about an hour or two's drive away.  Barbacoa is usually lamb, wrapped in maguey leaves and slow-cooked, often in a hole in the ground, then eaten in tacos.  Pulque is an alcoholic drink of pre-Hispanic origin made from fermented maguey.  As it turned out, we didn't get to try either; none of us really fancied pulque and by the time we got there the barbacoa had all run out!  Never mind, we ate some tasty gorditas instead, bought some special bread from the fair and wandered around the streets lined with stalls selling all sorts of things.  It was interesting for Emma!
  • We took Emma to get her last two baby vaccinations; the next one is not until she's four.  She had a bit of a temperature the next day but it went back down to normal quite quickly and that was the only reaction she had.
  • Emma turned 18 months old on September 12th.  She's become a very confident walker, with strong little legs that can walk a relatively long way and she loves going up and down steps.  She can run, dance and sing; she tries to jump by lifting herself up on tiptoes and bobbing her body - nearly there, but her feet don't quite lift off the ground yet!  She carries and pushes all sorts of surprisingly heavy or bulky objects, from chairs and almost-empty 20-litre water bottles to tins of milk and bottles of detergent or softener.  She loves to help unpacking the shopping and passing me things I "need" (like the dustpan full of dust when I'm sweeping the floor!) and feeding me by pushing my food or my drink towards my mouth!  She's a great imitator, of course.  One of the funny-cute things she does is when I crouch down to be face to face with her, she then also crouches down!  She understands so much and is able to say a few words now, some English, some Spanish, but that's a whole other post which I'll finish writing some time soon!  End of mini-update.
  • I was quite proud of some of my cooking efforts this month.  I tried out some new recipes and even got round to baking some muffins for the first time in nearly two years!  
September cooking

So there were plenty of positive things going on in September, after all.  I'm starting October off with a pretty annoying cold and messy house, so things have to go uphill from here!