My Summer Holidays: 52 Memories - Weeks 29, 30 and 31: The Grandparents' visit #2

The Grandparents' Visit #2

My summer holidays were over a few weeks ago, but before they feel like too distant a memory I want to look back at some of our best moments.

This summer holiday Emma's grandparents - my mum and dad - came to visit for the second time.  Their first visit was ten months ago when Emma was six months old.  This time I think she could appreciate them much more, communicate and understand and generally interact more.  We ended up spending more time at the apartment where my parents were staying than at our own house and it was lovely seeing how Emma quickly felt comfortable with her English grandparents who she usually only sees on Skype.


Th Grandparents' Visit #2
We were all invited to the opening of a children's party venue.  Emma loved the little ones' play area, but was not keen on hitting the piƱata!
The Grandparents' Visit #2
A little chat with Granddad.  I think the conversation mostly involved saying "yes" and "no"

52 Memories Week 30
Out for a walk with Grandma - Mummy's hand not needed!

52 Memories Week 30
Back at home - I turned my back for two minutes and found Emma raiding the cereal!
52 Memories Week 30
At Mum and Dad's - mellow evening playing on the balcony and contemplating the mouse on her top.

WEEK 31 

A leisurely wander around the pretty colonial town centre.

52 Memories Week 31
In a little garden hidden away in a quiet corner of the city we found a stage. 

52 Memories Week 31
Getting ready to go in the pool and splash around - Emma's new favourite activity!

These are some of our memories of a lovely summer spent with Emma's grandparents and I'm grateful we were able to have this time together.