July Gratitude List

It's all about summer... Here are the things I'm grateful for this month.

Gratitude List July

1.  The summer holidays!  For me, almost a whole month off work to spend with my daughter, what a luxury!

2.  My parents' second visit to Mexico and to their so far only grandchild managed to coincide perfectly with my holidays (unlike last time when I was working the whole time).  It is lovely having them here for three whole weeks (still not enough) and wonderful seeing Emma lose her initial reserve and become confident with her grandparents, playing and talking (in her own way) with them to the point where she wants to hold Grandma's hand when we go out for a walk and lets go of mine!

3.   Emma has started making the funniest, cutest facial expression! It started out as her "sleepy face": she screws up her eyes, wrinkles her nose and shows off all her teeth in a wide grin.  She knows it cracks me up every time she does it!

4.  It's been lovely spending every day with Emma and with my parents here too she has had a lot more exposure to English than usual.  Seeing how she understands and follows instructions is a great source of wonder and amusement to her grandparents, and it's fascinating to see how she communicates through gestures (pointing, patting and turning up her hands) and with noises and the beginnings of words (most things are ma, ba, papa, da or a) and her sweet little "yes" always accompanied by a nod.

5.  Emma has been really enjoying her first swimming pool experiences, having fun splashing around in the water!  She hasn't been too fazed by having her face splashed or even going under the water for a second and she got confident enough to let go of my finger and walk around the paddling pool herself.  Playing in the water must be one of the best things about summer, I think.

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  1. It must have been so wonderful to have your parents come visit & for your kiddies to get special time with their grandparents & learn more English in the process :) #PositivelyPosted x

    1. It's been great. They're still here for a few more days, in fact, and we're just making the most of our time together!

  2. Thanks for sharing Ruth! I love it when my mum comes to visit from New Zealand (like once every 2-3 years) it is precious and reminds me not to take my family for granted! It sounds like you have had a great week. My daughter makes the funniest facial expressions too! Lol!

    Thanks so much for linking up with #PositivelyPosted
    Angela xx

    1. I think Emma has completely charmed her grandparents, even more than the last time and it's been lovely being all together. Thanks for hosting!