One Lovely Blog Award

I was really honoured, a few weeks ago, to be nominated by the lovely Angela from for the "One Lovely Blog" award - thank you, Angela!

It's taken me a little while to write my post.  It involves writing seven facts about myself and nominating some more lovely blogs.  It's not as easy as it sounds, by the way.

One Lovely Blog Award

Here are my seven facts:

1.  I have to fill my cup or mug of tea or coffee up to the brim.  I feel short-changed if it's not as full as it can possibly be, particularly if it's a small cup.

2.  I don't function without breakfast.  I feel hungry pretty much as soon as I wake up, no matter how early it is.

3.  I can't watch horror films, not even the trailers, I'm such a scaredy-cat.

4.  I haven't read a book since I got my iPad.  Shameful confession!

5.  I have a degree in Fine Art and Hispanic Studies.  An odd combination which led me to... a lot of career confusion, and eventually teaching English as a Foreign Language.

6.  I've always been fascinated by maps.  I suppose I was destined to travel.  These days, though, I don't do much travelling at all; I last went back to the UK over two years ago and since then I haven't been more than a three-hour drive from home (here-home).

7.  I just can't compete with Angela's bungee jump - I don't think I'd ever have the guts to do that, at least not anymore.  However, I did do a tandem parachute jump from a mountain in the French Alps when I was 17.  That was such an amazing experience - I can still remember the feeling of floating suspended in the air - and the most "extreme" thing I've ever done!

There you are.  Now here are my lovely blog nominees:

Seychelles Mama

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I tried to check as far as I could that you hadn't been nominated before - apologies if you have.  When/if you write your post, tweet me the link (@ruthhilbrown) so I can read it and retweet.

Keep being lovely!


  1. Thanks for nominating me! It was a lovely read. I too get hungry as soon as I wake up!
    I had already taken part in this blog award, you can read my post here. Thanks!