52 Memories - Week 23: Exploring and settling in

We had just recently moved when I took these photos, between 4th and 10th June, and Emma was busy discovering the new house and testing out her walking legs, enjoying the freedom and independence that this new skill was bringing her.

52 Memories Week 23: Exploring and settling in

She was discovering new places to sit - the bottom step was (still is) a favourite, accompanied by a random bag of pasta she'd brought with her from the kitchen cupboard!  The edge of her bathtub in the shower was not such a great place to sit - lacking stability, as she found out one day - but she is still fascinated by wandering in and out of the shower.

She loves touching flowers and leaves and the beautiful bright colors of these geraniums caught her attention on the communal terrace.  She's also been trying to work out how her shoes do up and undo!

If you're interested you can read more about the move to the new house here.