A few of my favourite things #2

Almost as soon as I'd written the last Favourite Things post I thought of some more I'd forgotten to include.  Now there are new "loves" to add to the list.   Here are some of Emma's current favourite things, in no particular order:

A few of my favourite things #2

1. Taking off my hairband and putting it on her head.  This has been fun for a few months now, as has the next item on the list...

2.  Dipping her toothbrush in the cup of water to rinse it. Do not know why this is so much fun, something about playing with water, perhaps, which is one of her new favourite things .

A few of my favourite things #2

3.  Moving objects from one place to another, then moving them back again.  And again and again and again.  This is the most entertaining activity ever.

4.  Leading me around the house, or wherever we happen to be, by the hand (one hand when feeling quite bold).  This has now been replaced by pottering around the house by herself since she has become an increasingly confident toddler, punctuated with opening and closing doors (eek!).  She never gets bored of walking - but what is the purpose of all this exercise?  Is it exploration, a kind of reconnaissance of familiar objects?  Is it to burn off excess energy?  Is it to keep me on my toes and my nerves on edge?  Or is it just an end in itself, the novelty of practising a new skill?

5.  Playing Peekaboo, using whatever's at hand to "hide" behind - a blanket, clothes, a sofa, a hand, etc.  It's a classic.

A few of my favourite things #2

6.  Sitting on the bottom step (just the right height for her) and swinging her legs. Then getting up, then sitting down again, then getting up again, then sitting down again...

7.  Finally, after months of screaming traumatic bath times, having a bath is fun again! Yay!  Now, Emma really loves her bath, especially having a bath in the shower.  She doesn't mind getting water on her face, she splashes around and plays with the soap and her duck.  On her travels around the house, she often wanders into the shower, tries to take her clothes off and makes noises to mimic the sound of water, looking up to where it should be coming from!  It's a relief to be able to enjoy bath time again (just hope I'm not speaking too soon!).

A few of my favourite things #2

8.  Cupboards and drawers; opening and closing them, taking things out of them and putting them back or putting them somewhere else, along the lines of point #3.

9.  Whatever we're eating; if it's on my plate, Emma starts to look very interested and reaches her hand out.

10.  Watching song videos on the iPad - we watch them sometimes for a short time (I confess I often resort to this at mealtimes) and there are some really cute videos to go with Nursery rhymes. Emma's favourites are the ones featuring animals, like Old MacDonald and Five Little Monkeys, and she also likes The Wheels on the Bus and the lovely Bath Song, which may or may not have influenced her change of attitude about bath time!

11.  Ice cream!  This is new - she only tried it for the first time quite recently.  First she screws up her face at the cold, then she wants more, more, more!  Will try to limit our trips to our new local and very delicious ice cream parlour to a maximum of once a week...

What are your little ones' favourite things?  Are any of them the same as Emma's?  Do they have any strange or unusual favourite things?
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  1. Aww what an absolute cutie! I love that pinafore dress with the flowers, adorable. Great post and thanks for linking up to #TheList xx