April Gratitude List

So, April has been and gone and I'm writing this on the 1st of May, a holiday, and the start of a gloriously long five-day weekend!  I'm really in the mood to be thankful!

Here are some of my highlights from April and the things I'm grateful for at the moment.

April Gratitude List

1.  The Easter holidays, which took up most of the first half of the month.  Although we didn't really do much or go anywhere because my husband had to work most days, it was just nice to have the extra time with Emma, be there when she woke up every morning and have breakfast together.

2.  Seeing Emma become more and more confident and steady (ish) on her feet and more mobile and adventurous.  She still has a long way to go of course, and she needs a hand or two to hold on to most of the time.  It's so thrilling to send her toddling a few steps to her daddy's arms, then half-walking half-stumbling back into my arms.

3.  Having a somewhat overgrown and neglected park in front of our house.  It's lovely to just step across the road and be among the trees.  It's become quite a regular thing for me and Emma to go out in the afternoons for a little wander, sometimes in the pushchair but more often on foot, trying to avoid all the ants (difficult, as they are everywhere).  She has a few turns on the slide (me holding her under her arms) and gets all excited about seeing dogs out for a walk.  In her hand she's usually clutching a little dried leaf treasure that she'd insisted on picking up off the ground.

4.  The beautiful weather, now spring is well and truly here; the warm, sunny early evenings that allow us to do the above; the early early mornings just before dawn, when I have to leave the house to go to work, that are no longer so cold that I need to wear a jacket (one less layer to carry when I come home in the full heat of the afternoon); the late morning sun, not yet on full power, combined with a soft breeze that blows the purple blossoms off the jacaranda trees; even the odd couple of rainy, misty, chilly and overcast days that break the monotony of sun sun sun and remind me of home!

5.  Noticing how much Emma now understands and responds to, in both English and Spanish and realising she really is a Bilingual Baby.

6.  Our new house, which we'll hopefully be moving into this month and which should make our lives better in many ways.  A million thanks to my parents for making this possible.

7.  My healthy, happy daughter, again, always and every second of every day; she is the greatest blessing of all.

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  1. Wow this is lovely and the new house sounds exciting. I hope it all goes well for you. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Thanks! Still keeping my fingers crossed everything will go as planned!