52 Memories - Week 17: Powercut

Week 17 in our 52 weeks of memories brings us to April 27th.  Me and Emma were alone in the house that afternoon when we had a power cut that lasted a couple of hours.  It was still light so it didn't affect us very much, but when it started getting a bit gloomy inside the house at around 7pm we went out the front where we still had full daylight.  I was getting a bit worried and praying for the power to come back on soon!

Emma loves being outside even if it's just to potter around in the driveway and I decided it would be fun to try and take some "selfies" of the two of us - they didn't turn out too badly!  The second one is when I asked Emma "Where's my nose?"

52 Memories Week 17: Powercut

Luckily, the lights did come back on just before it got dark!