Bilingual Baby's First Birthday

With characteristic indecision and lack of planning skills, we ummed and ahhed about how to celebrate Emma's first birthday.

Her actual birthday was on a Thursday.  In the morning she was fast asleep when I changed her nappy and sang her a whispered "happy birthday" before leaving for work at 6am.  When I got home in the afternoon we still had to wait for my husband to get home to open presents.  Emma didn't mind - she didn't know about birthdays and presents yet, but I think her grandmother was getting a bit impatient!  In the evening, Emma got to open her presents with all of us present and was fascinated by the gift bags and wrapping!

So her birthday was quite low-key but we decided to have a little party that Saturday with a few family and friends.  Some relatives who live in Mexico City had said they were coming and some friends here had kindly lent us their outdoor terrace next to the swimming pool to use as a venue for the party, because mid-March in Mexico you can usually be sure of warm, sunny weather, can't you?  The only thing missing would be other children - we don't know any other babies or young children for Emma to play with except for her youngest cousins in Mexico City who weren't going to be able to come.

On Saturday morning we woke to the sound of rain.

A pretty much relentless downpour continued for the rest of the day and all through the following night.  On top of that, it was really cold, too.

When it became clear that there was not going to be any improvement in the weather, we were forced to rethink the whole party idea.  By then, we knew that the Mexico City relatives weren't coming.  It was just going to be us and a few family members who live locally.  A new plan was made: to stay at home and hold the party in the house.  This was the best idea we could have had!  From that point on, I felt much more positive.

We set up a long fold-out table in the dining room area and managed to gather together some extra chairs - almost enough for everyone.  We decorated with balloons, streamers and a small banner and my husband picked up the cake - very colourful and very Mexican, decorated with a cartoon figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

In the end it was a nice get-together and we all had a good time.  Emma had to endure having tons of photos taken but she's used to that.  She needed a little help blowing out the candle and managed to get cake icing on her jeans and shoes, somehow! She did, however, get to taste a bit of her cake - just a little, mmm yummy!