A few of my favorite things - an update

My little baby is now a one-year-old, an intrepid soon-to-be toddler.  I can't keep up with how quickly she's growing up, but in an effort to pause time a little I want to keep this record of some of the fast-changing details of our lives so I won't forget them in the years to come.

To start with, here are a few of her favourite things at 12 months old:

1. Being free to move around; crawling or walking holding on to someone's hands.

2.  Putting lids on and taking them off, taking my hairband off and putting it on, taking things out of bags and boxes and putting them back in, taking all her clothes out of her drawers and opening and closing cupboards and drawers.

3.  Dropping/ throwing things on the floor.

4.  Switching lights on and off.

5.  Remote controls and phones (and pressing the buttons).  She will pick up a phone and hold it to her ear and point the remote control at the TV!

6.  Dogs (real ones), especially ours, but also other people's.  She often makes a little sound in the back of her throat - her version of "woof woof " - when she sees a dog.

7.  The little model horses in the glass-fronted cabinet - she's always crawling over to look at them, clicking her tongue to make a "clip-clop" noise as she goes.

8.  Playing with her "Little People" castle and farm - moving the little figures around, taking off the turrets, opening the doors and pressing/ moving the parts that make noises or play music and sending anything that will fit down the shute on the farm where it falls onto a button that rings, honks and moos all at the same time.  Oh, and using the castle to practice standing up!

9.  Her cuddly toys, especially giant panda, monkey and giraffe.

10.  Going outside, looking at things and pointing at the trees.

Her favourite foods:  fruit, especially banana, mango and apple, bread and biscuits.

On the flipside, here are some of the things she's not so keen on:

1.  Having a bath, unfortunately.

2.  Bubbles being blown onto her head.

3.  Staying still for any length of time (except when asleep)!

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  1. The light switch thing never gets old! ;) Lovely list. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  2. Thanks! Almost as soon as I published it I thought of about 10 more things to add so I think I'll be doing a series on the same theme! #2 coming soon!