January Gratitude List

One of my aims - not resolutions - for 2015 is to get away from negative thoughts and attitudes and focus on the positive.

To paraphrase the inspirational Stephen Ritz, "Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Neither! It's 100% full - of water and air, both of which are essential things we need to survive."

January Gratitude List quote

Now that's thinking positively.

So, I thought, one way to put a positive spin on life and remind myself how lucky I am is to join the ranks of gratitude list-makers and put into writing all the things I'm grateful for.  For me, a weekly list would be pushing it a bit, so I'm going to do a monthly list, which gives me a chance to note down the little things that make me happy over the course of the month.

So, here we go with the first one (it's still - just about- January where I am!).

1.  First and foremost, my beautiful, healthy, happy daughter, who sleeps all through the night.

2.  I live in Mexico, which means that most days - even in January - are sunny and quite warm.  Even though it's pretty cold in the early mornings, it can get quite hot in the afternoon.  And January is dry; it's rained maybe twice in the entire month.

3.  The Christmas holidays last until January 6th (Día de Reyes) here, so I didn't have to go back to work until the 7th.  For over two weeks I was able to spend all day with Emma, playing, talking, watching her learn to crawl, seeing her understand more and more and just enjoying her company.

4.  I got to eat pieces of four different Rosca de Reyes!  In my opinion, the first one was the most delicious, with a cream cheese and fruit filling, yum.

5.  We've been to various family (and non-family) get-togethers this month, for New Year, birthdays and just because.

6.  On the work front, I still have a job.

7.  My other half is just about to start a new job.

8.  While standing outside in the (slight exaggeration here) freezing cold on car duty at 7.15am, from down the valley, moving like a column of smoke, comes a flock of hundreds, maybe thousands of small birds, flying in formation, an ondulating stream flowing over our heads and up the valley.  One of my favourite things and always raises my spirits.

9.  We have a "puente" (long weekend) this weekend, for the anniversary of the Constitution.  No work or school on Monday, yay! (I know that's February really, but the weekend is now).

10.  Finally, on the blogging front, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Mumma McD Blogs, which was really exciting and an honour!  Yes, I still have to write my post - that'll be coming soon.

So that's my list.  How about you?  Tell me about what you've been grateful for this month in the comments below.

There doesn't seem to be any particular linky for gratitude lists (that aren't weekly), so if you know of any, let me know.
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  1. Love the quote! I'm grateful for my husband enjoying his new job; my daughter enjoying her first week at school; and my son enjoying his first week at kindergarten! - And for you reminding me to be grateful!!

  2. A gratitude list is a fantastic way to stay positive and remember all that's good in your life. I'm jealous of your beautiful sunny weather! It's so cold and windy here in Ireland still! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles