52 Memories Project - Week 6

These four images are from the week of February 5th to 11th - the day before Emma turned 11 months old.  Here's why I chose them (starting from top-left and going clockwise):

1. Her intense concentration on the buttons of the remote control, although usually she picks it up and points it at the TV!

2. Happily crawling around under the dining table, going after toys, pulling herself up with the chair and generally exploring.

3. After I ask her "Where are the horses?" Emma starts making a clicking "clip-clop" sound with her tongue and crawls over to the glass-fronted cabinet, kneels up in front of it and peers in at the little model horses.  Here she is peering in.

4. I thought it would be fun to give Emma a crayon and some paper and see what happened!  She needed a little help holding the crayon so that it would make a mark and she seemed more interested in throwing it than drawing with it, but eventually she did a little scribble.  Obviously, I drew the cat and the triangle, but there on the rather crumpled paper are her first scribbles.


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