Catching up

After being without internet for about three weeks, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Quite a lot has happened since my last post...

First, three weeks ago, Little One turned four months old.  Each month is a milestone and they seem to fly by - in one more week, she'll be five months old already!

We didn't go out anywhere special, but we did dress her up in a new dress (size 6 months) and tights that we'd bought for her before she was born.  She looked so cute in it.

We decided to take some photos outside in the late afternoon sunshine.  Our street is basically a triangular loop with a large patch of half-looked-after and half-neglected garden in the middle, with some rusty swings, various trees, cactus plants and benches.  At the moment it's looking very lush and overgrown due to all the rain we've been having lately.  Where there used to be dry scrub, the grass has sprung up green and knee-high.  Little One had just been fed so the photo session didn't last long as she started getting a little sleepy and disgruntled!

Then we had some visitors; some of my husband's relatives from Mexico City came to stay for a couple of days.  His cousin made "chiles en nogada", a very elaborate dish which involved her spending most of the day in the kitchen, with absolutely delicious results.

The dish is made with Poblano chillies, which are not very hot, filled with a mixture of minced beef, dried fruit and nuts.  The sauce contains cream cheese, cream and pecan nuts and is sprinkled with pomegranate.

Just as I had pretty much decided to give up on the idea of getting a proper job and stick to giving private classes at home, out of the blue I heard back from one of the schools that had interviewed me.  It was actually the school I was most interested in working at, but I really didn't feel all that positive after the last interview, so I was quite surprised when they offered me a job!  I decided to accept after weighing up pros and cons, principally my need to earn a decent and reliable salary vs. childcare and transportation issues.  As a result, I am no longer a stay-at-home mum.  I'm sure I'll be writing more about all this in a future post.

And finally, Little One had her first introduction to solids the week before I started my new job.  Not the best of timing, but she's doing well with it and actually seems to enjoy exploring the taste and texture.  I suppose it's a good sign that she does seem to swallow most of what's on the spoon, rather than it ending up on her face and bib!  I keep noticing little spots of prune puree on her nose or hands or other random places, though.  More on this in another post pretty soon!

So, all in all, it feels like the start of a new era, a lot of changes to process and assimilate.  Right now, though, I'm completely exhausted and have to get up at 5 again tomorrow morning, so I'm off to bed. 


  1. What a cute little dress - and I love the stripy tights! The months really do fly by, don't they? I can't believe mine is already 6 and a half months. It seems more like six and a half weeks. :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Time flies, I know. I can't keep up!

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