Night and day

All is calm as we pass midnight.  Just checked on Little One - she is fast asleep in her bassinet cot that she will soon be growing out of.  I'll have to change her nappy pretty soon.  This is one of my new favourite things - changing her nappy while she is fast asleep in the middle of the night: she wriggles and squirms a little, kicks her legs and bends her knees (as I'm trying to fasten the nappy), keeping her eyes firmly shut as she absolutely refuses to wake up all through the nappy change.  She has another little squirm and stretch when I put her back in her cot, then settles comfortably into sleeping position.  I'm amazed at how well she sleeps during the night.  Here is the irony in the title of my blog - these days I rarely get woken up in the early hours of the morning!  (However, I often don't go to bed until the early hours - very bad, I know, I'll never get rid of the bags under my eyes at this rate).  I read that newborn babies don't differentiate between night and day so wake up for feeds just as frequently at night as during the day, but this hasn't been the case with Little One - almost from the first few days she would sleep for longer periods and feed less during the night.  Now, at three months old, she usually sleeps between five and eight uninterrupted hours at night and wakes up for her first feed of the morning at around 5 or 6 am.  It's logical that she should; it's dark, and much quieter at night, whereas during the day there's usually quite a lot of noise - people talking shouting on the phone and to someone in another room, dogs barking (ours and the neighbours'), chickens, pigeons and a hawk making a racket next door, the neighbour drilling... etc.  Not constantly, but quite frequently.

The flipside of the coin is that she is becoming more restless during the day and doesn't often sleep for very long periods of time, she wakes up more easily and is often wide awake after a feed and takes longer to fall asleep again.  I suppose that's only fair, she doesn't have to sleep all the time, but sometimes that makes it difficult for me to do things I need to do.  Then I feel guilty for wanting her to fall asleep quickly just for my convenience.

This afternoon it was just me and her in the house and all was tranquil; I was making the most of her being sound asleep to get into some cleaning (that doesn't happen very often!).  Suddenly a phone starts bleeping and vibrating on the table next to her and she wakes up distraught and crying unconsolably.  Well, it took me a while to console her and calm her down and she did eventually go back to sleep for a bit, but I wanted to fling the phone across the room, except that it wasn't mine, so that wouldn't have gone down very well.

And now it's time for that sleepy nappy change, then I really have to get some sleep myself.