Little One's Progress Report at three and a half months

I don't know why it hadn't occured to me before now, but after reading this post by Amelia at Oh Little One Sweet , I was "inspired by"* the idea of writing an update on the baby's progress every so often.  It's a nice thing to have all in one place, even if nobody else is really interested and it's just for me to look back on.  So here goes with the first installment.

*I copied

a little bit of a smile
June 28th 2014: Three and a half months old.

We took Little One to get her next set of immunisations this morning; she behaved so well and only cried briefly (although her crying at the first jab in the leg almost got me started.  Certainly brought tears to my eyes, then I pulled myself together).  Anyway, she now weighs 6.1kg and measures 60.5cm.  That means she has gained about 800g in the past month and grown 2.5cm.  She is wearing clothes size 3 months (although she has already grown out of some of her 3 month size outfits) and starting to wear some size 3-6 months clothes.

She usually has five feeds per day and sleeps all night, from around 10-11pm to 8-8.30am.

Sleepy posing.  This was taken about 3 or 4 weeks ago.
She is becoming more alert, paying more attention to what is happening around her, turning to look at people and things that get her attention.  She often smiles; she smiles at me when she wakes up in the mornings (so adorable) and when we're talking or singing to her.  She even has a little chuckle sometimes, when I make a silly face or funny noises (that could include my singing!).  She's getting more and more communicative; she makes little burbling, cooing and babbling sounds that sound like she is really trying to say something.  We have little conversations, that at least function on an emotional level even if I don't know exactly what message she wants to get across, or whether it is more of a general need to communicate something - anything - nothing in particular.

She is still not very interested in toys yet; she pays attention to things that make noises or when people show her something and move it around, but she doesn't try to hold them or put things in her mouth.  She does grab hold of things, though; she pulls at her clothes, pulls her bibs off, grabs hold of my clothes or fingers or the ribbon of her dummy and pulls up her sheet or blanket.  She often opens and closes her hands, clenches her fists, seems to examine her hands and fingers and clasps them together on her chest.  When she's awake, she also kicks her legs a lot, stretches them out and clenches her toes.

She doesn't cry a lot, just when she gets hungry and has to wait to be fed, sometimes when she needs to burp and feels uncomfortable and when she's very sleepy but not yet asleep.  And when she gets vaccinated, of course.  Sometimes a sudden loud noise wakes her up and upsets her.  She loves to be rocked to sleep, walked around, bounced and jiggled, like all babies, probably.


  1. Aah she is the sweetest, and definitely seemed more alert over Skype this time, even if she was a little sleepyhead.

    Hope she doesn't grow too quickly as I've got her a couple of bits I was going to send over with mum and dad that are 12-18 months! x

  2. Hi popping over from weekend blog hop. She is beautiful, you must be so proud! :-)
    Just a recommendation for another parent blog :

    Laura x

  3. Such a little cutie!!! It's lovely reading updates on how little ones are getting on... everyone does it, so you're not copying lol!

    Thank you for linking up to the #WeekendBlogHop x x x