Full moon and twinges

I took poor PV the Unwanted out for a walk around the block this evening and caught sight of the enormous full moon sitting low in the sky above the hills.  Just stood and stared at it for a while, neighbours' dogs barking at us, so beautiful, a kind of peachy pale gold colour.  It was good to feel a bit of slightly cooler fresh air after sweltering inside all day.  Anyway, we did two laps around the "jardincito" (overgrown, neglected patch of park across the street from where we live) and I felt as though I'd pulled various muscles in my legs/thighs.  Well, I definitely had painful twinges and I haven't even done any exercise.  That is probably why.  Any advice for some gentle 3-month-postnatal exercises for an unfit mum with not many opportunities to leave the house?  I shall do some research into this myself and try to answer my own question later.  Later....


  1. Hello there, lovely post-it made me remember seeing a big beautiful moon and it was just the same colour. I found doing post-natal yoga was good, I had really bad SPD towards the end of my pregnancy and it helped with all kinds of stuff-when I had the time to do it of course! xx